Blueprints Programs = Positive Youth Development

Search for programs that match particular needs of your community or targeted population.


Why Use Blueprints?

Why use Blueprints rather than other evidence-based program lists? How do you choose the right program to meet your community needs? How do you search for a prioritized risk and protective factor?

How Blueprints Helps

Members of the Montbello Community Board (a neighborhood in northeastern Denver, Colorado) describe the usefulness of the Blueprints website in helping to identify programs to address the risk and protective factors that were prioritized during their community planning process.

Communities That Care (CTC) employs a proven community change process to reduce problem behaviors and promote healthy youth development. CTC guides local coalitions through a tested 5-phase process focused on assessing and prioritizing risk and protective factors and implementing evidence-based programs, specifically Blueprints programs, to address these factors.

The website for CTC is:

The University of Washington Center for Communities that Care has granted permission for the Blueprints website to host two of the videos they created. These videos were intended to provide community coalitions implementing CTC with information on why and how to use the Blueprints website – information beneficial to all users of the Blueprints website.