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Bright Bodies Weight Management Program

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A childhood obesity program that teaches inner-city kids, teens & their families about healthy weight management and how to prevent the health risks of childhood obesity with the use of nutrition education, behavior modification and exercise.

This program has been funded by a combination of sliding scale fees, grants and insurance. In order to minimize the amount parents are expected to contribute to the cost of Bright Bodies, the developers suggest diligent attempts be made to secure grant funding.

Allocating State or Local General Funds

Funding from state and local health departments in the form of grants for obesity prevention should be considered sources of funding for Bright Bodies.

Maximizing Federal Funds

Discretionary Grants: Discretionary grants from the Department of Health and Human Services, especially those with a focus on obesity, should be explored for Bright Bodies funding. The National Institutes of Health have provided funding for the evaluation of Bright Bodies.

Foundation Grants and Public-Private Partnerships

Grant funding, especially from foundations and corporations interested in obesity prevention and child health, may provide sources of support for Bright Bodies.

Generating New Revenue

Bright Bodies programs lacking in grant funding may be forced to consider charging families fees for participation. These are commonly structured on a sliding scale to make the program affordable to as many families as possible. Families are not charged when programs are supported by NIH grants.

All information comes from the responses to a questionnaire submitted by the developers of Bright Bodies to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.