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Targeted Reading Intervention

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A classroom-based intervention intended to improve reading skills for kindergarten and first graders through individualized instruction.

When Targeted Reading Intervention decides to widely disseminate the program by charging school districts for its implementation, the developer expects Title I to be the primary source of funding. In addition, as a curriculum enhancement, state and local funding for both curriculum and teacher training could be accessed to support implementation. However, with the high initial investment that will be required, support from foundations and the local business community might be needed for the initial training and coaching costs.

Allocating State or Local General Funds

State and local school system funding could be used to implement and especially sustain Targeted Reading Intervention. Curriculum and teacher training funds should be considered. State administered Race to the Top funding should also be explored.

Maximizing Federal Funds

Formula Funds: Title I would be the primary federal Education Department source of funding given that the intervention is targeted at low wealth rural schools with large numbers of underachieving reading students. Rural supplements, special education and RTI funding from federal sources should also be explored.

Discretionary Grants: Discretionary grants targeting rural schools, innovations in education and special education are among many offered by the Department of Education that might provide support for Targeted Reading Intervention.

Foundation Grants and Public-Private Partnerships

Foundations will be an important source of start-up support for Targeted Reading Intervention. For example, the Rural Schools and Community Trust channels funding from the Crane, Pew, and Kellogg Foundations, which might be available to school districts wanting to implement Targeted Reading Intervention.

All information comes from the responses to a questionnaire submitted by the developer of Targeted Reading Intervention, Dr. Lynne Vernon-Feagans, to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.