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Whole Number Foundations Level K

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A 50-session small group mathematics intervention delivered as a pull-out program during the regular school day. The aim is to help strengthen whole number concepts and operations skills in students at risk for developing long-term mathematics difficulties.

Whole Number Foundations Level K is a small-group intervention designed to improve the mathematics achievement of kindergarten students who face difficulties developing proficiency with core math concepts and skills. It is typically delivered by instructional aides to small groups of students in or outside of the classroom. It is generally supported by core professional development, curricula and staffing resources within schools. The recent passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, which reauthorized the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, places new requirements on the use of evidence-based programs in federally funded education programs. State and local education agencies are now required to use evidence-based programs, particularly in schools in need of improvement.

Improving the Use of Existing Public Funds

The critical resource commitment required to implement Whole Number Foundations Level K is the allocation of teaching time for training and delivering the intervention. Instructional aides can be trained to deliver the program to small groups of children during the regular school day.

Allocating State or Local General Funds

State education funds allocated to local school systems as well as locally-appropriated public school funding can support Whole Number Foundations Level K. Professional development funds can also be used for teacher training.

Maximizing Federal Funds

Formula Funds:

  • Title 1 Part A provides funds to support the economic success of disadvantaged students. Title I funds can be used to support professional development, curricula purchase, or ongoing teaching costs to deliver the Whole Number Foundations Level K program.
  • Title II-A provides funds to ensure that school professionals have access to high-quality professional development. These funds can be used to support the training of instructional aides to deliver the Whole Number Foundations Level K program.
  • IDEA, Part B: The IDEA Part B formula grant program assists states in providing free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment for children with disabilities ages 3 through 21. School districts typically may use up to 15 percent of their allocation for early intervening services. Early intervening services generally address the needs of students who require additional academic and behavioral supports to succeed, but who are not classified as needing special education. These funds could support the Whole Number Foundations Level K program.

Discretionary Grants: Federal discretionary grants from the Department of Education can be used to fund the initial training and materials. Discretionary funds targeting math achievement as well as improvement for struggling schools can be used.