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Adolescent Coping with Depression

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A 16-session group depression treatment program teaching teens how to deal with depression and ways to manage depression.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Adolescent Coping with Depression provides on and off-site training for either 1 or 2 days at a cost of $2,000 per day plus travel by trainers or by participants to the site. Off-site training in Oregon is useful when one or a small group of therapists seeks training. In addition, a training DVD ("Mastering the Coping Course") is available at cost (

Curriculum and Materials

Free for download.



Other Start-Up Costs

Therapist time to learn the intervention is the primary start-up cost. In addition, therapists must have access to a room large enough to accommodate a group of 5-8 adolescents. Ideally, the group room would contain a large table for participants to write in session and a white/marker board for the group leader to present material.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials



Qualifications: The primary implementation cost is comprised of salaries for therapists and supervisors. Both are expected to be licensed Master's level therapists.

Time to Deliver Intervention: In its evaluated form, adolescents attend 16 two-hour group sessions that are conducted over 8 weeks.

Other Implementation Costs

Administrative costs including costs associated with maintaining an office for the program.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Technical support is available on a case-by-case basis; please contact Dr. Rohde for more information. In addition, detailed training suggestions are provided in the introductory chapters of the manual and the training DVD available for cost.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Detailed checklists are available at no cost from the developers to assess treatment adherence and therapist competence. Forms can be copied. Protocol adherence can be measured using session-specific checklists for the concepts, skills, and exercises that are outlined in the session script. Each item is rated on a 10-point scale that covers full, partial, or minimal presentation. General CBT facilitator competence is measured using 12 items rated on 10-point scales that assess various general indices of a competent group therapist (e.g., leader expresses ideas clearly and at an appropriate pace, leader keeps group members on task during session). Therapists can self-monitor their adherence and competence as checks or sessions can be recorded and rated by supervisors or colleagues knowledgeable in CBT (and ideally the Adolescent Coping With Depression Course).

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

In this example, ten therapists agree to add Adolescent Coping with Depression to their practices and seek training. With this size group, on-site training is cost effective. The cost would include:

2-Day On-Site Training
Trainer Travel

Total Year One Cost

In this example, the cost per therapist for the initial training would be $500.

Additional costs including space/equipment, therapist salaries and fringe, supervision time, and caseloads are too diverse to be estimated and have not been included in this example.