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Be Proud! Be Responsible!

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A six-session group intervention to reduce risky sexual behavior (unprotected sex) leading to potential HIV/STD contraction among adolescents. It teaches self-efficacy and skills that help to avoid risky sexual behavior.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

  • A 2-day training, offered on-site, for 8 trainees costs an estimated $6,000 plus travel.
  • A 5-day train the trainer, offered on-site, for 8 trainees costs an estimated $25,000 plus travel. The five-day training includes fidelity monitoring and evaluation training, and training of facilitators. Participants who complete the training are certified to train others to be facilitators of the program.

Curriculum and Materials

Be Proud! Be Responsible! provides an implementation kit that includes the curriculum, DVD's, posters, cards, and activities is $505, plus $18 for shipping.



Other Start-Up Costs

Staff time for training and to recruit participants, and plan for the logistics of the trainings. Trainings are typically held in classrooms in schools or training rooms in community or youth centers.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Participant workbooks are available for $42.50 for 10. Facilitators that opt not to purchase workbooks should budget for photocopying handouts from the facilitator's curriculum.


Qualifications: There are no specific qualifications required for facilitators. Facilitators are typically youth development workers, school counselors or health educators with a minimum four-year college degree.

Ratios: One facilitator delivers the training to 8-12 youth.

Time to Deliver Intervention: The training includes six one-hour modules which can be delivered in multiple 1-, 2-, or 3-hour sessions, or through a one-day training.

Other Implementation Costs

Some sites pay for transportation for young people participating, depending on local agency practice. In addition, some sites pay stipends to the young people for participation.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

None required but available on request.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Individuals who complete the training of trainers are equipped to conduct fidelity monitoring and receive checklists and tools.

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

For a youth program to train 8 facilitators who reach 2,000 youth in a year, the following costs can be expected.

Training for 8 facilitators, not including trainer travel
Implementation Kit for each facilitator @ $523 ea. w/shipping
Health Educator Salaries (.25 FTE for 8 facilitators at $60,000 per year)

Total Year One Cost

If training sessions include 10 young people, each facilitator would reach 250 students (assuming 20 total hours per 6-hour session with planning time and logistics and each facilitator dedicating .25 FTE or 500 hours per year to delivery of the intervention). With 2,000 youth served, per youth cost for the first year is $65.