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Body Project

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A four-session group intervention to prevent the onset of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating among female high school and college students with body image concerns.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Results from both our efficacy and effectiveness trials are based on facilitators who have completed formal training.

Please visit the Body Project Collaborative at for detailed training costs and more information. Two training options are provided (1-day for mental health professionals; 2-day for peer educators), in addition to hourly consultation.

1 Full-Day Training: Clinician or University/High School Staff Body Project Training
Cost: $1250 (plus trainer travel expenses) at customer's site - up to 16 participants

2 Full-Day Training: Combined Peer Leader and Train-the-Trainer Clinician Body Project Training
Cost: $2500 (plus trainer travel expenses) at customer's site - up to 16 student participants and 6 clinician participants

Recommended Post-Training Supervision:
Cost: $125 per hour

Curriculum and Materials

Free for download at facilitator support website:

Materials Available in Other Language: The four-session program script is available in Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian.



Other Start-Up Costs

Facilitators should have access to a room large enough to accommodate a group of 5-10 young women. Ideally, a large table for participants to write in session and a white/marker board for the group leader to present material are available.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials



Group leaders with Master’s-level training in a clinical mental health discipline (or equivalent) should have an adequate amount of relevant experience and training to offer this intervention. Individuals who are not adequately trained for independent practice (e.g., college students, teachers who do not have a mental health background) should only conduct the Body Project under the supervision of a qualified mental health professional.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Consultation available at $125 per hour. Please contact the Body Project Collaborative at

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Detailed checklists are available from the developers (see facilitator website) to assess intervention adherence and facilitator competence. Protocol adherence can be measured using session-specific checklists for the concepts, skills, and exercises that are outlined in the session script. Each adherence item is rated on a 100-point scale (initially a 10-point scale but expanded to 100-point using the same behavioral anchors) that covers full, partial, or minimal presentation. General facilitator competence is measured using 12 items rated on 100-point scales that assess various general indices of a competent group therapist (e.g., leader expresses ideas clearly and at an appropriate pace, leader keeps group members on task during session). In a recent effectiveness trial (Stice et al., 2013, reference below), pairs of supervisors independently rated half of the sessions selected for rating; ratings were reviewed and discrepancies resolved by consensus. Inter-rater agreement was adequate for fidelity (ICC = .65) and competence (ICC = .72).

Facilitators can self-monitor their adherence and competence as checks or sessions can be recorded and rated by supervisors or colleagues knowledgeable in CBT treatment and prevention interventions.

Post-training supervision can be provided (cost: $125/hour). For information, please visit the Body Project Collaborative at

Stice, E., Butryn, M.L., Rohde, P., Shaw, H., & Marti, C.N. (2013). An effectiveness trial of a new enhanced dissonance eating disorder prevention program among female college students. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 51, 862-871.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

In this example, a high school uses its counseling and nursing staff to implement the Body Project intervention with female students. Two sessions are held each semester with 10 students per session.

On-site training
Trainer travel expenses
Technical Assistance - 4 hours at $125/hr

Total Year One Cost

With two sessions of 10 students each per semester, 40 female students would receive the intervention during Year One. The cost per student would be $68.75.

The actual unit cost will vary depending upon the number of sessions delivered within the school year and whether existing staff are available to deliver the program.