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Bright Bodies Weight Management Program

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A childhood obesity program that teaches inner-city kids, teens & their families about healthy weight management and how to prevent the health risks of childhood obesity with the use of nutrition education, behavior modification and exercise.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Training will cost $1,200 beginning January 2013. Additionally, trainees must pay for travel, hotel, and food while training.

Curriculum and Materials

Equipment represents a one-time investment of $3,650, which covers items such as physical education equipment, a body fat analyzer, heart rate monitors and games. The Smart Moves curriculum is utilized. A start-up manual and an exercise and behavioral/nutrition curriculum and an initial supply of 80 student workbooks costs $4,230.

Materials Available in Other Language: Student workbooks are available in Spanish at no additional cost; facilitator manual has not been translated.



Other Start-Up Costs

Generally there is a sponsoring organization of a Bright Bodies initiative. That organization raises the funding and employs the staff. There may be some overhead cost incurred for this support.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

The curriculum is updated every two years. After two years, an institution might decide to purchase updated workbooks and instructor's manuals at its discretion.


Each program would employ hourly staff with the following qualifications:

  • Program Director who is a register dietitian, exercise specialist, or social worker/psychologist (15 hours/week for 50 weeks at $30/hour recommended),
  • Program Coordinator who is an exercise physiologist/physical therapist, dietitian, or social worker/psychologist (10 hours/week for 50 weeks at $22/hour recommended),
  • Exercise Physiologist or Physical Therapist (6 hours/week for 50 weeks at $15/hour recommended),
  • Registered Dietitian (2 hours/week for 50 weeks at $25/hour recommended),
  • Social Worker or Psychologist (2 hours/week for 25 weeks at $25/hour recommended).

The program director and/or coordinator should be in the fields of nutrition, exercise, or social work/psychology so that they have a deep understanding of one of the disciplines and can provide training.

Other Implementation Costs

Youth incentives are budgeted at $300 per year. The sponsoring organization may incur some overhead costs to support the program. Students can be used to supplement the professional staff. The program is based in schools, eliminating the cost of space rental.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Formal 2-3 day training is provided, if desired. To purchase the nutrition/behavior modification curriculum, at minimum, staff from the nutrition and behavioral sciences must be utilized to deliver its contents. Likewise, to purchase the exercise curriculum, at minimum, staff from the exercise or physical therapy science must be utilized. Smart Moves staff is available via telephone for ongoing consultation regarding delivery of curriculum.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Evaluation tools cost $700 annually.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

This example will include the cost for one site to offer Bright Bodies to a group of 80-90 youth/families during Year 1 implementation.

Compensation and travel for 4-5 staff to be trained at purveyor site
Compensation for Program Director
Compensation for Program Coordinator
Compensation for Exercise Physiologist
Compensation for Dietitian
Compensation for Social Worker
Education Materials
Incentives for Participants
Evaluation Materials
Overhead for Sponsor Organization

Total Year One Cost

If the program serves 80 youth during Year 1, the cost per youth would be $838.