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Coping Power

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A 16-month preventive group intervention for at-risk children in late elementary to early middle school years that includes a parent and child focus to prevent substance abuse and reduce aggressive attitudes and behaviors and, in a universal version of the program, among all school children.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

In-person training is available at the implementation site and at the University of Alabama campus at a cost for a 2-day training for up to 30 participants starting at $1,500. Additional costs may be incurred for more extensive planning and preparation, to be determined based on the individual needs of the group to be trained. Travel for the trainees or trainers would be an extra expense. Additional training days can be added based upon the experience of trainees. Web-based training is also available.

Curriculum and Materials

There are four components to the curriculum:

  • Child Group Facilitator’s Guide: $59.95
  • Parent Group Facilitator’s Guide: $47.95
  • Child Group Workbooks (pack of 8): $67.50
  • Parent Group Workbooks (pack of 8): $98.50

Program Materials Available in Other Language:

  • Spanish: All program materials are available at no additional cost.
  • Italian: Child and parent group leaders' facilitator guides available, but not the workbooks; available from Erickson press for 24.50 euros.
  • Dutch: Child and parent group facilitator guides, with handouts integrated into the books. The two books (parent component and child component) are available from UMC Utrecht for 68 euros.



Other Start-Up Costs

If training is to occur at the implementation site, there may be a cost associated with a space large enough to hold trainees and trainers.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Each parent-child pair needs a set of workbooks that cost $20.75 per set. In addition, it is estimated that each student will need materials costing $53. These include things like prizes, puppets, dominoes, etc.


Two facilitators are required for groups of six parent-child pairs. One should be a master’s degree or Ph.D. clinician. A co-facilitator is often at a bachelor’s level. Although the developers calculate costs on an hourly basis, typically Coping Power would be implemented by staff already employed by the sponsor organization. Since the program has been most often implemented in schools, qualified guidance staff, perhaps paired with teachers as co-leaders, could conduct the groups. Coping Power can also be provided in community agencies and outpatient mental health centers, again likely using existing qualified staff.

Groups meet for one hour (child) and 90 minutes (parents). In addition, there is preparation and documentation time needed. This requires 1-2 hours for each group session.

Other Implementation Costs

Some programs include home visits by clinicians to recruit participants. These visits could represent an additional cost.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

After the initial training, Coping Power training staff provides ongoing consultation, typically through twice-monthly, one-hour conference calls at $100 per hour. The cost of this TA is estimated to be $283 per parent-child pair.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Coping Power staff are available to review for quality audio or video tapes of sessions at $100 per hour. This typically costs $150 per parent-child pair.

Ongoing License Fees


Using unlicensed facilitators would require supervision, possibly from an outside consultant charging fees for their time.

Year One Cost Example

This cost example will include 15 teams of two facilitators each serving two groups of six parent-child pairs during Year One of implementation. Thus, 180 parent-student pairs will be served. It will be assumed that the facilitators are already employed by the sponsor organization and that no home visits would be made.

On-site 2-day training for 30
Trainer travel
Facilitator Guides-30 sets
Workbooks for 180 parent-child pairs
Materials for each student
Consultation from Coping Power @ $283/parent-child pair
Quality monitoring of recordings @ $150/parent-child pair

Total Year One Cost

The cost per parent-child pair in Year One would be $556.