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Early Literacy and Learning Model

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A literacy-focused curriculum and support system designed for preschool children ages 3, 4, and 5 years old. The program is designed to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focusing on improving children's early literacy skills and knowledge.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

  • ELLM/Plus Introduction Training (2-day): $375 per participant (with a minimum of ten participants) for training at program site plus meeting costs (food/AV) and travel costs for trainers. There is a one-day training option at $209 per participant, but teachers received two days in the research trials; thus the two-day training model is preferred by Blueprints.
  • Strategic Coach Institute (5-day): $2,650 per participant plus travel to training and administrator or coach time. Florida Institute of Education (FIE) recommends that a program administrator or a coach participate in this training that equips them to provide ongoing fidelity monitoring and training to staff.
  • Additional support for coaches and teachers (training and onsite support) is available, billed at $100 per hour plus travel costs.
  • Pre-implementation Technical Assistance (optional): $600 for consultant cost plus administrator time for six hours needed to discuss material purchase, training, special needs, and implementation fidelity.
  • Technical Assistance available to help set up classrooms to create learning rich environment: $300 for consultant fees (based on estimate of 3 hours to provide guidance on classroom set up) plus travel fees.

Curriculum and Materials

  • ELLM/Plus 10-Month Kit (curriculum materials and children's books/per classroom): $1,532
  • ELLM/Plus 12-Month Kit (curriculum materials and children's books/per classroom): $1,684
  • Classroom lending library: $600 per classroom
  • Manipulatives: $200 per classroom



Other Start-Up Costs

Each classroom needs sufficient space to set up a minimum of 5 functioning learning centers, a small group teaching table, word walls, and space to display children's work.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Ongoing material costs associated with ELLM/Plus implementation varies depending on replacement needs. Estimate yearly costs for replacement of books for the classroom lending library at $200 per class and replacement of classroom manipulatives at $100 per class. Recommend replacing the curriculum at least every five years as curriculum is updated every 2 to 3 years.


Qualifications: No specific requirements - intervention typically delivered by early care and education teachers.

Ratios: No specific requirements - intervention implemented in early care settings governed by ratio requirements in state licensing standards.

Time to Deliver Intervention: The ELLM/Plus model is a comprehensive curriculum that can be integrated into half or full day early learning schedules.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Periodic technical assistance through email and telephone is available at no cost. The cost for on-site technical assistance designed to answer implementation questions, address site-based needs, assist in monitoring progress, and provide additional support varies depending on other needs of the site, and is billed at a rate of $100 per hour plus travel costs.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity monitoring tools and training on how to use them are included in the start-up training. Trained coaches or administrators are responsible for fidelity monitoring on an ongoing basis, including walk-throughs and completion of checklists.

Ongoing License Fees


Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs


The high level of turnover in the early care and education field means that new staff may need to complete start-up training on an ongoing basis. Building local capacity for ongoing training and fidelity monitoring is an efficient and cost effective strategy to sustain ongoing implementation with fidelity. FIE researchers have worked with local sites to train site coordinators and/or a cadre of coaches who then take on the responsibility for implementation support and fidelity monitoring. This strategy is particularly relevant for sites that have local early care and education quality specialists or trainers who work with local programs.

Year One Cost Example

This example assumes that an early care and education program would offer the Early Literacy and Learning Model Plus in 10 classrooms operating 10 months per year with two teachers per classroom. Costs included are the start-up costs for materials and training recommended by the publishers. This model does not include ongoing costs of teachers and facilities.

Teacher Initial Training Costs: $375 x 22 (20 teachers, 2 admin)
Trainer Travel: $1,000 x 2
Strategic Coach Institute Training
Coach Travel
ELLM/Plus 10-Month Kit (curriculum, materials): $1,532 x 10 classrooms
Lending Library: $600 x 10 classrooms
Manipulatives: $200 x 10 classrooms

Total Year One Cost

With 200 students in 10 classrooms, the additional cost to the program (beyond their existing staffing and operations cost) is approximately $186/child.