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A program to reduce teenage alcohol use primarily by providing information to parents delivered through the schools.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The developers provide a 2-day on-site training for groups of up to 30 participants. The cost of the training course, including materials, is $5,200 plus a fixed overseas fee for travel of $1,530. Thus, the cost is $225 per trainee.

Curriculum and Materials

Included in initial training package.



Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials



The program is implemented by existing staff at schools or community organizations. Compensation for providing the intervention would be optional for the implementing organization depending upon whether it was within the scope of the employee's job duties.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance


Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation


Ongoing License Fees


Travel costs may be lessened if multiple groups of 30 could be trained during one visit by the trainers.

Year One Cost Example

For this example, a school system will implement EFFEKT by training one teacher each for 30 schools. Each teacher would then offer the intervention each semester to the parents of youth in the school and 300 parent participants per school will be assumed. The intervention will be provided as part of the normal duties of the teacher. The cost would include:

On-site training for 30 teachers
Travel for trainers

Total Year One Cost

Cost per parent participant would be $225 (cost to train one teacher) divided by 300 parents or 75 cents per parent in the first year.