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Fraction Face-Off!

Blueprints Program Rating: Promising

A 12-week math tutoring program to improve the understanding of fractions for at-risk 4th graders through increased instruction on measurement interpretation of fractions.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The cost of an initial full-day training workshop is $1,500 plus trainer's travel expenses. For small sites, a half-day workshop is available for $1,000 plus trainer's travel expenses.

Curriculum and Materials

$40 per tutor for implementation manual and master copy of supporting materials.
$25 estimated cost per student to photocopy supporting materials.
$15 per tutor for supplemental materials (Fraction Tiles).
$10 per student for prizes to stock "fractions store", where students apply fraction knowledge to purchase prizes.
Note: Prizes are up to the tutor/school. In evaluation studies, popular prizes included sports-themed pens, pencils and erasers, card games (e.g., Old Maid and Hearts), small beach balls, play jewelry, and jump ropes.


$10 per year per tutor to photocopy supporting materials.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

$25 estimated cost per student for photocopies of supporting materials.
$10 per student for prizes to stock "fractions store", where students apply fraction knowledge to purchase prizes.


School-based tutoring may be provided by student instructional support services personnel. If school personnel are not available, salaries for tutors would be needed.

Qualifications: Program generally is delivered by teachers or paraprofessionals who are supervised by teachers. Schools may fill these positions with student instructional support staff, substitute teachers, bachelor’s level paraprofessionals, graduate students (typically education/social sciences), or school volunteers. Classroom teachers may implement the program in small groups outside of mathematics instructional time.

Ratios: The program is delivered in small groups of 2-3 students per tutor. A typical scenario may be a school with 4 first-grade classrooms and 4-5 small tutoring groups that are covered by 2 tutors.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Initial training, delivered by trainers who are certified by the developer, prepares tutors to implement the program as designed. It is recommended that sites include back-up tutors in the initial training if tutor turnover is anticipated. Training costs would be incurred if new tutors are hired following the initial training workshop for the site.

Phone and email technical support from the trainer is available at $50/hour. On-site training or technical support is subject to training workshop fees ($1,500 per full day plus trainer’s travel expenses).

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity monitoring may be completed by school or district personnel.

Ongoing License Fees

A $10 licensing fee allows educators to make additional copies of the manual and supporting materials for up to one year. License expires one year after date of purchase but may be renewed annually.

Year One Cost Example

In this example, Fraction Face-off! is implemented in a school district with four elementary schools each with four fourth grade classrooms. Three students in each classroom are identified as at-risk for mathematics difficulty and placed in the program. Two tutors per school (8 in all) serve 48 students district wide. It is assumed that the tutors are part of the school-based instructional staff.

One-day on-site training
Trainer's travel expenses
Implementation manuals @ $40/tutor
Supplemental materials @ $15/tutor
Licensing fee to photocopy supporting materials @ $10/tutor
Photocopies of supporting materials @ $25/student
Prizes for fractions store @ $10/student

Total Year One Cost

With 48 students in the Fraction Face-off! program, the Year 1 cost per student is $97.92.