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Good Behavior Game

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A classroom behavior management game providing a strategy to help elementary teachers reduce aggressive, disruptive behavior and other behavioral problems in children, particularly highly aggressive children, while creating a positive and effective learning environment.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The Good Behavior Game purveyor, American Institutes for Research (AIR), aims to develop local capacity to deliver the program. The program is implemented by teachers in the classroom. There are two strands of professional development: one for teachers and one for local GBG coaches and trainers. Teachers receive one year of GBG training that consists of group-based sessions enhanced by the support of a coach in the classroom. Local coaches are trained in situ over one year as they work with teachers. Teachers receive 3 days of on-site training: a 2-day Initial GBG Training and a 1-day Booster Session. Training for program Coaches includes attending the sessions above plus a one day Initial Coach Training . Coaches also receive at least two on-site Implementation Audits and up to 100 hours of technical assistance by phone and email in their first year. For the group-based trainings, the ratio is one trainer for up to 16 trainees. Costs for training program coaches are the same for 1-5 coaches. One full-time coach can support up to 16 teachers. Trainer on-site: $3,000/day plus travel expenses; Trainer off-site: $200/hour email/phone support and prep for trainings.

Curriculum and Materials

Initial set of teacher training and classroom materials at $600 per teacher/class, student incentives are budgeted for $100 per class per year, and Coach training materials at $200/set.


None at this time.

Other Start-Up Costs

Readiness trainings combining on-site with e-mail and phone contact for a total of 1-5 days costs $3,000 per day plus travel for on-site and $200 off-site.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Annual cost of $200 per classroom for replacement supplies and $100 for student incentives.


Qualifications: Teachers are the primary implementers of the program and it is incorporated into the regular school day.

Ratios: The teacher to student ratio would reflect the regular ratios in the school. Coaches may support teachers in multiple schools. A full-time coach can support up to 16 tachers.

Time to Deliver Intervention: The Good Behavior Game is implemented throughout the school day as a behavior management strategy. It does not require dedicated class time.

Other Implementation Costs

Mileage if coaches must travel between schools.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

One-day on-site booster sessions are available for up to 20 participants. On-going support to teachers can be provided by a trained local coach. Once certified as a GBG coach, an individual can participate in additional training to become a GBG trainer. Trainers can lead all activities to train teachers including the group-based trainings described above.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

A web based fidelity monitoring system is under development.

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

If a school district were to implement Good Behavior Game in 3 schools with 10 teachers per school, the following year one costs can be anticipated, excluding travel costs.

Initial GBG training: two days
Booster session: one day
Coach Training: one day
Implementation Audits: 1 day (2)
TA and prep support: 150 hours
Materials and student incentives ($700 per class)
Salary and fringe (one full-time coach)

Total Year One Cost

With 30 participating teachers having classes averaging 30 students, 900 students would receive the intervention at a cost of $176 per student for year one. With 30 participating teachers having classes averaging 30 students, over five years, with 4,050 students receiving the intervention, the cost is $81 per student.