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Incredible Years® - Parent

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A group-based parenting program that strengthens parent competencies to promote young children’s social, emotional, and academic competence and prevent the development of conduct problems, delivered in weekly group sessions for 3-5 months.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial Training and TA costs typically include a three-day training for group leaders, delivered either in Seattle for approximately $1,100-$1,500 per leader (including travel) or delivered at the program implementation site (which can be cost effective for groups of more than 10-15 leaders). On-site training costs $1,500 - $2,000 per day plus travel costs for trainers.

Curriculum and Materials

A set of program DVDs costs $1,595 for preschool Basic ($1,895 for dual language English/Spanish). Other versions for different age ranges vary. Additional leader manuals cost $90 each.

Materials Available in Other Language: The DVD set is available in Spanish for $300 more than the English only program. The combo set includes all items in the regular English packs along with Spanish versions of handouts for parents, magnet, poster, and book (if applicable).



Other Start-Up Costs

Equipment to play DVDs, toys for role plays, and video equipment to film sessions – if not already part of staff equipment.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Group leader books cost $26.95 and parent books cost $17.95 each. Program leaders should budget for handouts for the Parent Group at approximately $10/parent.


Qualifications: Group leaders may come from a variety of helping professions such as social work, psychology, nursing, medicine, and education. It is required that they have taken a course in child development, and it is recommended that they have had training in social learning theory. The purveyor recommends that at least one of the two leaders running a group has a master’s degree or higher.

Ratios: 2 group leaders lead a group with 10 – 14 participants.

Time to Deliver Intervention: Parent groups are held weekly for 12 – 20 weeks for 2 to 2.5 hours. The number of sessions offered will depend on which BASIC IY parent program is being delivered (Baby, Toddler, Preschool or School Age Program) as well as whether the prevention or treatment protocol is being implemented. Program developers recommend budgeting 5 hours per group per group leader to account for preparation time, peer review of videos and weekly calls. This time will need to be expanded for child welfare-referred families who may need additional home visits and/or make up appointments for missed sessions and for networking with other agencies.

Other Implementation Costs

Other implementation costs include child care at an estimated $12/hour per session; dinner provided at each session, estimated to cost $80/session; small rewards for parents; and any space rental fees.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing consultation by accredited IY program mentors and trainers is recommended for an hourly rate ($150), with a suggested two hours per month, as well as a daily rate of $1,500 - $2,000 plus travel for a 1-day on-site consultation with program leaders, with one on-site consultation per year suggested by the purveyor.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

The purveyor suggests video review and certification at a cost of $450 per program leader (video review, submission of lesson or session protocols, and additional paperwork are required for group leaders to become certified/accredited). Other video reviews can be arranged for $75/hour. The purveyor suggests that programs budget $500-700 per leader for the first year or first 2-3 groups for video reviews and consultation. Once group leaders receive certification they are eligible to receive training to become accredited coaches. When this is completed they are eligible to receive training to become mentors, which permits them to provide authorized training workshops and coaching support to others.

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

This example assumes that a community-based organization would offer the Incredible Years BASIC program to three groups of 12 parents, each with 2 program leaders, for 14 sessions, with three cohorts of parent groups per year.

Group leader initial training costs, including travel @ $1,500 x 6
Set of program DVDs (includes one manual)
Group leader - additional manuals, $90 x 3
Ongoing consultation: 2 hours/month @ $150/hour
Annual on-site consultation with program leaders plus travel (approx)
Videotape review/certification @ $450/program leader x 6
Group Leader process books - $26.95 x 6 leaders (shipping cost varies)
Child care for parent sessions @ $12/hour x 3 hours/session x 126 total sessions
Food (dinner) for parent sessions $80/session x 126 sessions
Handouts for parent sessions $10/parent x 36 parents x 3
Parent books $17.95/parent x 108 total parents/year (shipping cost varies)
Group leaders’ time @ $25/hour x 6 leaders x 5 hours/week x 14 sessions x 3 cohorts
Space costs, if any

Total Year One Cost

With 108 parents participating, the initial cost of the program is approximately $643/parent; however, after one-time up-front costs have been spent, subsequent groups in future years will cost less, assuming no additional facilitator training and re-using program DVDs and manuals. Once group leaders are certified/accredited they will need less time for preparation for sessions and also will be eligible to become accredited coaches or mentors allowing the agency to build its own sustainable infrastructure.