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InShape Prevention Plus Wellness

Blueprints Program Rating: Promising

A brief prevention program to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being of college students, ages 18-21, by connecting positive health habits and images with avoiding risky alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

InShape is provided to college students and young adults by staff from colleges, community groups and clinics. In-person program instructor/implementer training with program materials is available to a minimum of eight staff at workshops costing $5,984 plus travel. In-person Training of Trainers (TOT) workshops with program and training materials are available to a minimum of four staff costing $5,992 plus travel. Webinar training costs $499 per trainee and includes the cost of program materials; however, this form of training was not used in evaluations and thus is not Blueprints-certified.

Curriculum and Materials

Program materials including program manual, digital downloads of reproducible materials and PowerPoint slides are included in the cost of in-person training.


Certification testing after training.

Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials


Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Program support by email and phone.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity monitoring and outcome evaluation instruments included in program materials.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

As an example, a college with 8 staff in its student health clinic who see all incoming students could offer InShape.

In-person training and program materials for 8 staff
Trainer travel

Total Year One Cost

The total cost for the college to implement InShape in Year 1 would be $6,984. The per student expense would be largely dependent on the size of the student population and number of students accessing the clinic annually.