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Nurse-Family Partnership

Blueprints Program Rating: Model

A nurse home visiting program for first-time pregnant mothers that sends nurses to work one-on-one with the pregnant women to improve prenatal and child rearing practices through the child’s second birthday.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Nurse-Family Partnership is implemented by teams of eight nurse home visitors with one supervisor. The cost to prepare one team to begin offering the program is approximately $77,000, which includes training, salaries for one month while in training and equipment to set up an office. One team can serve approximately 200 families over an average length of stay of 1.7 years.

Curriculum and Materials

Included in the cost of training.

Materials Available in Other Language: NFP program guidelines have been translated for families into Spanish, Norwegian, and Bulgarian. Note: There is a formal process for international replication which requires significant investment on the part of government to demonstrate its commitment to go through a process of formative adaptation, process evaluation, possibly an RCT, and careful replication.



Other Start-Up Costs

The cost of renovating or securing appropriate office space for program administration.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials



Qualifications: Home visitors and supervisors must be registered nurses.

Ratios: Each participating family is assigned a visiting nurse. The NFP national office recommends maximum caseloads of 25 for full-time visiting nurses.

Time to Deliver Intervention: According to the model, families receive weekly or biweekly visits from pregnancy until their child turns two. The actual average time nurses in the program serve families is 1.7 years.

Estimate of annual salary and benefit costs for a team of eight nurses and one supervisor serving 200 families: $711,000, but costs will vary based on local salary levels.

Other Implementation Costs

Travel is a significant expense, estimated at $21,000 for a nursing team annually. Other expenses are those typically incurred in operating a program including overhead, office space, supplies, professional development, and data systems.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training estimated at $1,526 annually for a nursing team; and replacement training as a result of turnover is $7,750 per supervisor and $6,000 per nurse (which includes the cost of salaries and benefits during training period).

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Technical assistance to ensure quality implementation and monitor fidelity is estimated to cost $8,816 per nursing team.

Ongoing License Fees


Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs


Nurse-Family Partnership can be implemented with as few as four nurses and a supervisor but economies of scale are lost.

Year One Cost Example

Below are estimated costs to set up and operate for a year a Nurse Family Partnership team of 8 nurses and one supervisor serving approximately 200 families:

Initial Start-up-Training, salaries for 1 month equipped office
Staff Salaries for one year with fringe
T.A. and Fidelity Monitoring
Overhead and Office @ 25% of staff

Total Year One Cost

With 8 nurses and a caseload of 25 families per nurse, 200 families would be served at a cost of $5,074 per family for one year of services.