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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

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A multi-level bullying prevention program designed to reduce and prevent school bullying in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial phone consultation to determine readiness to implement Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) is available at no cost through the OBPP training and technical assistance purveyor, Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, Clemson University. Please call 864-656-6271. A “Readiness Checklist” is available at and an archived webinar overview of the OBPP Components is available at

Once schools have decided to implement, there are two options for training and technical assistance:

Option 1 Costs:

Schools hire an OBPP Certified Trainer/Consultant to train the school building’s Bullying Prevention Coordination Committee (BPCC]) or the School’s Safe School Leadership Team and provide technical assistance for implementation.

Training costs are negotiated with a Certified Olweus Trainer directly. A single OBPP Certified Trainer/Consultant will set his/her own fees when contracting for training and consultation, but may charge no more than:

  • $3,000 for a 2-day training involving 1 or 2 schools’ Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committees (BPCC).
  • An additional $250 per half-day of travel time for the trainer to travel to and from the training site.
  • Travel costs for the trainer, including airfare or mileage, lodging, meals, and local transportation, if needed.
  • Maximum of $125/hour for 12 to 24 months for telephone consultation for each school site. The fee is negotiated with the selected OBPP Trainer and includes the cost of phone calls. Consultation is required for schools to coach leadership teams to implement with fidelity.
  • If two trainers are present (required when 3 schools' BPCCs are being trained at one time), fees may increase accordingly, up to a maximum of $4,500 for the 2-day training. (No more than 3 schools may be trained at one time without prior permission from program leaders.) For more information, visit
  • If there is a need for further training in following years, the trainer/consultant fees will be determined per agreed upon contract for the work required.

Option 2 Costs:

Schools invest in professional development to train their own Certified OBPP Trainer/Consultant and make ongoing training for school committees and staff a part of the professional’s job duties. This builds in lower costs for additional school training and program sustainability.

The cost of participation in the Trainer/Consultant Certification Course (TCC) is $3,925, which includes:

  • 40 hours of training
    • Part I (prepares participants to train BPCCs (leadership teams)).
    • Part II (focuses on consultation skills for sustaining program with fidelity).
  • Participation in regular phone consultation with an Olweus Technical Assistance Consultant (OTAC) (12-15 hours of consultation over a 24-month period).
  • One complete set of OBPP program materials plus additional trainer/consultant materials for use when training BPCCs, educators and staff and program implementation guidance.
  • Access to the trainer-only section of the OBPP website and access to ongoing program communications.
  • The price does not include costs of travel, lodging or meals associated with either training session, or program materials needed for school-level implementation (committee and staff training).

Following Part 1 of the training, it usually takes an individual two years to achieve full certification as certification requires training of two Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committees and consultation with each committee for 12 to 18 months to guide implementation efforts. (For certification requirements: Full Certification of OBPP Trainers/Consultants lasts for three years. Trainers must then participate in a recertification protocol. Recertification cost is $325 for an additional three-year period. Recertification is done on-line through Clemson University.

Several State Departments of Education and/or Area Education Agencies have Certified OBPP Trainer/Consultants in their employ. Training may be available to schools in those areas free of charge. (Contact OBPP National Training Director, Jane Riese at, to see if this option exists for your area).

Curriculum and Materials

Costs below are standard costs for hard copy materials. Bulk discounts are available as well as electronic formats. Contact Hazelden Publishing for information on electronic options and exact price quotes. 1-800-328-9000.

Required Program Materials:

1. Olweus Bullying Questionnaire (OBQ) - Each student grades 3-12. $33.95 for 30 scannable without scanning service; $39.95 for 30 scannable with scanning service.

2. OBPP Schoolwide Guide - For Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee members. $89.95

3. OBPP Teacher Guide - For classroom teachers and identified staff members. $59.00

Optional Recommended Program Materials: These materials were developed to fulfill schools' requests for additional support to implement with fidelity, but they are not required.

1. Class Meetings that Matter: A Year's Worth of Class Meeting Ideas for Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12. $79.00

2. Class Meeting and Individual Intervention DVD for elementary and middle school (high school version available Fall 2013). This DVD is used for BPCC, staff and parent training. $195.00

3. Bullying for Grades K-5 and Grades 6-8. A general video that introduces key concepts to students, teachers and parents. (Good for parent groups, class meetings, teacher discussion groups.) $119.00

4. Cyberbullying Curriculum for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-12. $109.00



Other Start-Up Costs

Districts should plan on two full days of training for their BPCCs and one full day of training for educators and administrators. BPCCs will also need to train other school staff, i.e., playground supervisors, substitute teachers, lunchroom and custodial staff, and bus drivers.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

All required materials are purchased the first year. Some schools purchase optional recommended program materials the second year of implementation, others purchase all materials during year one. Materials are for educators and staff and do not require replacement.

Student surveys are administered each year – their costs vary depending whether scannable, on-line, or electronic subscription versions are utilized. A full survey analysis and report including graphs for presentations for each school is included in the survey price. Costs vary from $1.28 per student for the scannable survey to a few cents per student in large districts using the on-line survey in the electronic subscription.


Qualifications: Educators, counselors, staff, and administrators are the primary implementers of the program and it is incorporated into the regular school day.

Ratios: The teacher to student ratio reflects the ratios in the school.

Time to Deliver Intervention: All adults in the school will be aware of bullying behavior and use the program's principles in daily interaction with students and other adults. Bullying prevention and intervention become a regular part of the safe school culture. The class meeting is a specific part of the program for facilitated discussions around positive behavior expectations, social emotional learning opportunities, community-building, as well as how to handle bullying situations. Recommended times for class meetings are 15-20 minutes for elementary students and 20-40 minutes for middle school students, once a week; one full class period for high school students twice a month.

Other Implementation Costs

Support of BPCC activities that are part of the program such as parent training and a schoolwide event to launch the program.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided by the Certified OBPP Trainer/Consultant as a part of the training/consultation contract established prior to the BPCC training. Suggested time is one hour per month for 12-24 months. Additional consultation may be purchased as arranged with the trainer or with Clemson University.

Resources must be devoted to ongoing administrator, educator, and staff development each year for new teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, staff, and new parent training. Training in following years may be conducted by a district sponsored Certified Trainer, or trained members of the school’s BPCC at no additional cost, or by contract with a Certified OBPP Trainer/Consultant.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

This is the responsibility of the BPCC in each school. Fidelity checklists and evaluation protocols are offered with the program.

Ongoing License Fees

None at this time.

Electronic materials represent large costs savings for schools. (All program materials are distributed through Hazelden Publishing. Hazelden can provide detailed cost estimates based on local needs. Call 1-800-328-9000.) It is typically more cost efficient for districts with three or more buildings to have local staff trained to become Certified OBPP Trainer/Consultants.

Year One Cost Example

If a school district were to implement the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in two school buildings (e.g., 1 middle school and 1 high school) with 20 teachers, 10 BPCC members, and 250 students per school, and use printed materials, the following maximum Year One costs could be anticipated.

Training 2-day - Using Contracted Trainer
Trainer Travel Time
Trainer Travel Expenses
Consultation - $125/hr x 1 hr/month x 12 months x 2 schools
Schoolwide Guide - $89.00 x 10 copies x 2 schools
Olweus Bullying Questionnaire - $1.28 x 250 students x 2 schools
Teacher Guide - $59.00 x 20 teachers x 2 schools
Optional: Class Meeting Individual Interventions DVDs - $175 x 2 schools
Optional: Class Meetings that Matter - $79.00 x 20 teachers x 2 schools
Optional: Bullying DVD - $119.00 x 2 schools

Total Year One Cost

In this example, a total of 500 students would receive the program in two schools (each school includes 10 BPCC members and 20 teachers). Using hard copy materials, the Year One cost per student would be $24.56. If the optional materials were included, the unit cost would be $32.06.

The Year One cost for a larger district implementing OBPP in ten schools (with 20,000 students, 120 BPCC members, and any number of teachers), including training and the purchase of the electronic materials subscription, would be $45,000 or $2.25 per student.