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A multi-level intervention designed for pre-kindergarten children living in low-income neighborhoods to create safe, nurturing and predictable environments at home and in the classroom and improve relationships and communication between parents and teachers.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The initial on-site training cost is $10,000 per school (there is economy of scale with multiple schools). Training is provided for 9 individuals (1 leader/administrator, 6 Pre-K teachers/assistants, 1 mental health professional, and 1 parent support staff) and is held over multiple days. All staff attend the first 4 days; mental health professionals attend 3 additional days; and teacher/assistants and support staff attend 1 additional day.

Curriculum and Materials

Curriculum: $100 per trainee

Materials Available in Other Language: All necessary materials and protocols for implementation are available in Spanish (some materials are also available in other languages).



Other Start-Up Costs

Strategic planning is required to ensure alignment of the ParentCorps model with the context, culture and availability of resources for high-quality implementation. This will entail a series of discussions and visits by ParentCorps to the implementing community and by leaders and key personnel to NYC.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Program materials: $6,000
Costs include materials for Friends School in the classrooms, 1 Parenting Program cycle during the school day and 1 Parenting Program cycle delivered after-school (including additional costs for Friends School and Arts materials for siblings), and outreach materials to engage families. Each family receives a ParentCorps Toolkit which includes a photograph-based Parent Guide and materials to support use of practices at home (e.g., wordless book for "book sharing," crayons and pad for parent-child play, sticker chart, magnet and bookmark with reminders and cues for parents). Teachers receive a Toolkit (e.g., CD with songs for active movement and calm down exercises, sample family engagement materials, food review book).


School leadership (leader/principal) needs to be available for monthly meetings.

All Pre-K teachers/teaching assistants for implementation of and coaching in Friends School in the classroom.

One mental health professional for implementation of and coaching Parenting Program during the school day.

One support staff for parent engagement activities.

Six early education staff (teachers, mental health professional) for implementation of and coaching in the ParentCorps after-school program (with programming for siblings). In NYC, costs for staff time during after-school hours (14 weeks, 3.5 hours per week, per staff) for 6 school staff are estimated at $14,000.

Other Implementation Costs

Space for Parenting Program (during school day and after-school hours) to accommodate 20 individuals, with DVD player and board/flip charts. Pre-K classroom, with access to age-appropriate toys, for Friends School (after-school hours). Space for program for siblings. Costs for space and security are additional and covered by the site.

Meals are provided to families who attend the Parenting Program (during the school day and after-school hours). In NYC, costs for 1 cycle during the school day (~$70 per session) and 1 after-school program (with dinner for parents, pre-k students and siblings ~$360 per session) are estimated to be approximately $6,000.

The Parenting Program includes a weekly raffle to reinforce participation and to model a reinforcement strategy. In NYC, programs raffle $20 prizes each week for 14 weeks. Costs for 2 Parenting Program cycles per year = $560.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Annual training prior to launch of programming cycle and training for new staff. In NYC, this is approximately $12,000 per school.

In NYC, intensive coaching is provided to teachers and mental health professionals on a weekly basis during the 14-week programs for the first two years of implementation. Coaches also hold monthly meetings with school leadership and key personnel to support high-quality sustainable implementation. In NYC, the cost of intensive coaching is approximately $60,000 annually.

These costs include coaches' travel to schools for meetings, coaching and in-vivo modelling in classrooms. Strategies for coaching and modeling in sites outside of NYC need to be determined in partnership with the school-district or agency.

$35 per school staff annually for iParentCorps (to capture and monitor fidelity and exposure; access to e-learning and resources).

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

ParentCorps staff analyze fidelity data to inform coaching and for monitoring purposes. Coaches review data in real time, using online individualized dashboards, and provide tailored, data-informed coaching. The costs per school depend on the agreement with the partner institution. In NYC, this is approximately $10,000 per school during the early years of implementation.

There may be additional costs of collecting and entering weekly feedback forms from parents.

Ongoing License Fees


Costs are based on implementation experiences in NYC. Costs will vary depending on geography (distance from NYC); nature of the implementing institution (school district, Head Start grantee, social service agency), the relationship between the institution and the Pre-K programs, and the presence and availability of mental health professionals to facilitate the Parenting Program, among other considerations.

Year One Cost Example

In this example, an urban public school implements ParentCorps for students in 3 Pre-K classrooms and their families. Each classroom contains 18 students for a total of 54 students served by the program. Forty families of these students also opt to participate in the parenting/family program, 20 during the school day and 20 after-school when parallel programming for Pre-K students and school-age siblings are provided. It is assumed that space for program activities is available at the school.

Most costs are based upon estimates from implementation in New York City, though an estimated expense has been added for travel for strategic planning sessions. Please note that pricing may vary by location.

Travel for two strategic planning sessions
On-site training for 9 individuals
Curriculum: $100 X 9
Program materials
Staffing for after-school program
Meals for 40 families
Raffle prizes
Intensive coaching
iParentCorps: $35 x 9
Fidelity monitoring

Total Year One Cost

During Year 1, the total cost of ParentCorps program implementation for 54 students (and families) is $111,775. The cost per student is $2,070.

After two years of implementation with intensive coaching and fidelity monitoring, the need for such coaching and monitoring would be reduced and the overall program expense could be decreased by more than half.