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Peer Assisted Learning Strategies

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A classwide peer tutoring program for elementary school students to improve reading and mathematics skills of students through guided peer-assisted learning strategies.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Training is offered to groups of up to 50 teachers for one day for $1,500 plus travel.

Curriculum and Materials

Each teacher should have a manual for reading and/or math. Manuals cost between $40 and $44 each. Optional DVDs with examples of interventions covering multiple grades for both reading and math are available for $15. Math PALS for grades 2-6 require Student Materials at a cost of $30 for a class (although this cost is discretionary, as it is suggested that students bring in their favorite books, or the teacher may select from books in his or her library). Inexpensive supplies such as transparencies, kitchen timers, overhead projectors, and some copying are also required.

Materials Available in Other Language: A Spanish language version of PALS Reading Grades 2 - 6 for teachers and students is available at the same cost as the English language version.



Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Copying of individual student lessons is required for some grades at a nominal cost.


The program is implemented by teachers during the course of the regular school day. No additional staff is required.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance


Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation


Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

This example covers the initial implementation of the program in two elementary schools for grades K-5. It assumes two classes per grade in each school involving 12 teachers per school for a total of 24 teachers. Each teacher implements both reading and math PALS.

Teacher Training: Reading grades K-1 -- 8 teachers
Teacher Training: Reading grades 2-5 -- 16 teachers
Travel for Reading Trainer
Teacher Training: Math grades K-1 -- 8 teachers
Teacher Training: Math grades 2-5 -- 16 teachers
Travel for Math Trainer
32 Teacher Manuals @ $40
16 Teacher Manuals @ $44 (Grades 2-5 Reading-revised)
Math Student Materials-Grades 2-5 for 16 classes @ $30

Total Year One Cost

With 24 classes participating during the school year at 30 students per class, 720 students would participate at a cost of $17.31 per student.