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Planet Health

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A two-year school-based health behavior intervention designed to reduce obesity among students in grades 6-8 by increasing energy expenditure while promoting key dietary behaviors. The program has only shown impacts on obesity outcomes for girls.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

PowerPoint training slides are available free of charge on the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center website: The Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center can coordinate on-site training as was provided in the research trials on a case-by-case basis, but we do not currently have a funded, self-sustaining model to train teachers. Trainers are paid $50/hour for a total cost of $400 per day (plus travel). Trainers can train staff from up to five schools in one training day.

Curriculum and Materials

The Planet Health Book and CD cost $62.00, plus shipping, for each teacher.



Other Start-Up Costs

Other optional costs may include stipends for teachers (e.g., $25/hour: classroom teachers attend 3 hours of training, physical education teachers attend 5 hours of training), food ($10/participant for lunch), and fitness funds ($500/school) to help buy materials and equipment to supplement the curriculum.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Ongoing costs are limited to a small amount of photocopying.


The program is implemented by classroom and physical education teachers during the regular school day.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance


Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Planet Health includes planning sheets for schools as well as monthly and weekly planners. These can be used to assess fidelity by tracking who teaches each lesson and when the lessons are taught.

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

Below is an example of Year One implementation of Planet Health in a middle school with 20 teachers implementing the program.

On-site training by the developer
Developer travel
20 sets of Planet Health Books CDs (excludes shipping) @ $62 each
Fitness funds

Total Year One Cost

If each teacher implemented the program with 20 students, the cost per student in Year One would be $9.10.