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Positive Family Support

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A family-based, 3-tiered intervention that targets adolescent problem behavior at the universal, selected, and indicated levels. Goals are to reduce problem behavior and risk for substance abuse and depression, improve family management practices and communication skills as well as adolescents' self-regulation skills and prosocial behaviors.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

For the school-based Positive Family Support Program (formerly Adolescent Transitions Program, Ecofit) with follow-up modules, the first year training costs per school are $27,000 exclusive of trainer travel costs.

Travel expenses for trainers (airfare, hotel, and per diem) are approximately $2,500 for on-site training. However, these expenses are billed at actual cost.

Curriculum and Materials

The School-Based Positive Family Support three-tiered program manual and materials, including videotape examples for parents, are included as part of the initial training costs.

Website access (in development) and electronic materials are also included as is electronic access to surveys and screeners that are part of PFS.

Optional: Everyday Parenting: $18.95—Research Press



Other Start-Up Costs

For Positive Family Support program, setup for a Family Resource Room/Space within a school can be a cost consideration; it is generally $2,000–$4,000.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Once training and website access (in development) are purchased, materials are free to be used as necessary within a trained program and/or site. Typical printing costs are incurred depending on numbers.


Staffing requirements in a typical middle school for the PFS Family Support Specialist generally involve a .50 – 1.0 staff allocation. Many schools also train additional staff to use the program.

Other Implementation Costs

If a state has business or licensing fees that are assessed, these costs are fully borne by the agency that is requesting program implementation services.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

First- and second-year follow-up consultation services for PFS are included in the first-year implementation costs. These services include virtual consultation (via webinar or telephone conference) up to 20 hours per year (total of 40 hours).

Follow-up services beyond year 2 are collaboratively negotiated. In addition, for some school-based PFS programs, follow-up costs vary depending on implementation factors such as number of schools, PFS staff in a school, number of district personnel, estimated consultation needed (from readiness process), and other factors

Technical assistance is provided for an additional fee on a case-by-case basis.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

At the current time, schools complete self-evaluations to assess adherence to the PFS program. These self-assessments are included in the manual and materials. Further development of fidelity monitoring and evaluation is in process.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs

New staff may need initial training. Follow-up training services are collaboratively negotiated.

Year One Cost Example

The following Year 1 costs are based on one middle school. The implementation services listed below include 2-3 days of training, manual and materials (paper and electronic), website subscription (in development), and consultation. An additional expense, not included in this example, is the cost of furnishing a family resource room whenever such space is not already available within a school.

Readiness Process and Implementation Services
Trainer Travel

Total Year One Cost

For one middle school implementing the program with 500 students, the first year expense would be $59 per student. However, pricing for the PFS program is based on the number of schools, not the number of students.