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Project Northland

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A multi-level program designed to reduce teen alcohol use through classroom curricula, peer leadership, youth-driven extra-curricular activities, parent involvement programs, and community activism.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Training can vary in cost depending upon location. If trainees travel, Project Northland involves a two-day training at a cost of $350 per trainee and Class Action involves a one-day training at $175 per person. Travel is an additional cost. On-site training is available for $2,200 per day plus trainer travel estimated at $1,000. On-site training can include up to 24 participants.

A train-the-trainer model is also available.

Curriculum and Materials

There are 4 components to the curriculum, each purchased separately:

  • Slick Tracy-$195/curriculum
  • Amazing Alternatives-$195/curriculum
  • Power Lines-$210/curriculum
  • Project Northland Program Guide-$195 each
  • Project Northland (grade 6-8) collection-$595 (includes 1 each of the above)
  • Class Action-$595/curriculum

Materials Available in Other Language: All the parent components of Project Northland for 6th, 7th, 8th grades and high school are available in Spanish at no additional cost.



Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

An estimated $2.60 per student should be budgeted for materials and supplies.


The program is implemented by teachers during the regular school day.

Other Implementation Costs

Since the program includes extensive community and parental components, it is strongly recommended that the budget for Project Northland include $7,500 for a part-time Program Coordinator.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training through web conferencing is free. Consultation is available for $125 per hour but is rarely needed.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Self-monitoring tools are included with the curricula.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

The following cost example would permit implementation of Project Northland/Class Action in two middle/junior high schools and one high school. Each middle school would have ten classes for each of grades 6-8, with 250 students per grade. Approximately 250 students would receive the Class Action curriculum in High School.

12 Project Northland collections @ $595
Class Action Curriculum
On-site training for 12 middle school teachers (two days of training and 2 high school teachers (1 day of training)
Trainer travel and expenses

Total Year One Cost

With this model, 750 middle school students and 250 high school students would participate in Year One for a cost per student of roughly $15.00.