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A delivery system that attempts to foster implementation of evidence-based youth and family interventions, complete with ongoing needs assessments, monitoring of implementation quality and partnership functions, and evaluation of intervention outcomes.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial training for PROSPER includes three units of training priced at $13,500 plus trainer travel expense as follows:

  • Unit 1 (in Year 1): Initial Organization and Phase 1 Implementation (2-day training) - $5,500 plus travel expense for one PROSPER trainer
  • Unit 2 (in Year 1): Selecting and Implementing a Family-Focused Evidence-Based Program (1-day training) - $4,000 plus travel expense for one PROSPER trainer
  • Unit 3 (in Year 2): Selection, Implementation and Sustainability of School Evidence-Based Program (1-day training) - $4,000 plus travel expense for one PROSPER trainer

Curriculum and Materials

The costs of the curriculum are included in the initial training costs. (Note: Costs for family-focused and school-based program curricula are not included.)


There are no additional licensing costs.

Other Start-Up Costs

Development of an implementation plan for 2-4 communities costs approximately $4,960. These costs cover Network technical assistance and support provided to state extension systems related to identification of community sites and staff that will optimize the likelihood of successful model implementation. The plan includes detailed tasks and timeframes along with the necessary information and tools to complete the tasks before the Unit 1 training.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Costs will vary depending on the degree of staff turnover.


Key Staffing Roles

  • State Partnership Director: Convenes the State Management Team and oversees implementation across the state (.20 FTE - typically Cooperative Extension State-level Staff)
  • Prevention Coordinators: Provide technical assistance and coaching to the local Community Team Leaders and Teams (.15 FTE per community)
  • Community Team Leaders: Coordinate the work of the local Community Team and oversee local program selection and implementation (.20 FTE per community)

Other Implementation Costs

  • At the community level, administrative costs associated with team operations are estimated to be $1,000 annually per community (includes family recruitment, promotions, and marketing materials).
  • The PROSPER Network Team housed at PPSI at Iowa State University provides management and oversight for each State Partnership at an annual cost of $15,000.
  • Travel costs for Prevention Coordinators to travel to community sites, general office costs, and costs for meeting space (though often donated).
  • As the primary action units, local Community Teams are responsible for selecting and implementing one family-focused and one school evidence-based program from a menu of programs. The above costs do not include the costs associated with implementing the selected programs (costs vary by programs selected).

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

  • State Extension systems are responsible for covering the costs of an annual meeting that includes all PROSPER community teams in the state, as well as two face-to-face meetings for Community Team Leaders per year.
  • Ongoing coaching and technical assistance from the PROSPER National Network Team - $15,000 annually.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

  • State evaluator to coordinate data collection and evaluation across communities and work with PROSPER National Network Team - (.10 FTE)
  • Access to the on-line PROSPER reporting system - $2,500 annually
  • Management of data collection by PROSPER Network Team - $4,000 for three communities
  • Data analysis and reporting by PROSPER Network Team - $4,000 for three communities with additional $500 per community

(Note: Costs for program observations are not included.)

Ongoing License Fees


  • Initial training costs are based on training 15 implementation team members in a state; costs may vary with different numbers of team members.

Year One Cost Example

This example assumes a state is implementing the PROSPER delivery system with three community sites. The costs cover the PROSPER infrastructure and do not include programming.

Implementation Plan for 3 communities
Training - Unit 1
Training - Unit 2
Trainer Travel - 2 trips
Team Operation - $1,000 x 3 communities
State Partnership Director - .20 FTE
Prevention Coordinators - .15 FTE per community
Community Team Leaders - $12,000 X 3 communities
Evaluator - .10 FTE
PROSPER Network Management
PROSPER National Network Team T/A
Access to PROSPER Data System
PROSPER National Network Management of Data Collection
PROSPER National Network Data Analysis and Reporting

Total Year One Cost

With three community sites, costs average to approximately $50,000 per community for year one. It is not possible to estimate a cost per individual served in the first year because communities focus on developing the PROSPER delivery system and they don't fully implement selected programs during that year. With the scale of the above example, the PROSPER developers estimate 1,130 participants per community would be served through the year following the final (Unit 3) training session, with and average annual estimtated cost per participant of $123.