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Raising Healthy Children

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A preventive intervention with teacher, parent, and child components, designed to promote positive youth development by enhancing protective factors, reducing identified risk factors, and preventing problem behaviors and academic failure.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Depending upon the number of teachers participating, the average cost of the three year teacher training program for the Raising Healthy Children program is $950 per teacher per year for the first two years and $500 per teacher for the third year. This includes training, travel, and materials. For parenting workshop facilitators, there are six parenting programs available and the cost to train in each is $4,200 for 12 participants plus trainer expenses.

Curriculum and Materials

Training materials for teachers cost $125 per teacher over the initial three-year training process. Parent workshop guides are $465 per leader. Family guides for the parent program are $15 per family covering the five sessions. Guiding Good Choices and Supporting School Success are available through the Channing Bete Company. The Raising Healthy Children parenting program, Moving into Middle School, Stepping Up to High School, and Safe Drivers Wanted programs are available through the Social Development Research Group.

Materials Available in Other Language: Parenting materials (Guiding Good Choices and RHC parenting) are available in Spanish at same cost as English language version. Teacher materials have not been translated.



Other Start-Up Costs

Administrators and principals should be involved in program implementation and may wish to be included in teacher training. The district provides in-service time for the staff development sessions.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Replacement teacher materials may be needed due to wear. Family session guides cost $15 per family.


Teachers deliver the program in the regular classroom. Parent group facilitators and home visitors typically receive about $25 per hour. There are no special qualifications for facilitators beyond being trained. It is recommended that the family groups be offered twice during the academic year and that home visits occur as needed.

Other Implementation Costs

A .5 FTE teacher coach is recommended for a school of about 500 students. This can be provided by time freed from an existing master teacher's duties. New teachers to the district will need to be trained. The coach should also have three days of coaching observation by the RHC trainer at a cost of $4,500 plus travel. A .5 FTE family program coordinator is also recommended. Existing school staff can be used, if available. Conducting the camp requires a full-time teacher for three weeks and an hourly aide during the two-week-long day camp. A modest supply budget is also needed (about $300-$500).

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Train the trainer models for teachers are being developed. Capacity Building Training of Trainers for parent groups is $4,500 for classroom instruction followed by at least one two-day observation by the trainer. For the parent groups, the parenting coordinator is expected to observe sessions using a fidelity checklist. Workshop leaders complete an implementation checklist and pre/post tests, all provided by the purveyor with no extra cost. Optional T.A. is available from the purveyor at $1,200 per day plus travel.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Teacher coaches are responsible for assuring teacher fidelity to the model through classroom observations and use of a coding scheme. The parent coordinator observes parent groups to assure fidelity.

Ongoing License Fees

None at this time.


Year One Cost Example

This example will involve implementing RHC in one school with 12 teachers and four workshop leaders. Coach and parent coordinator are contributed by the school. The following costs can be projected:

Year 1 Teacher Training @ $950 x 12
Workshop Leader Training with travel (3 @ $4,200)
Materials for Teacher ($125 x 12)
Family Guides (360 @ $15)
Workshop Leader Wages @ $25/hour for 3 hours/session
Coaching Observation ($4,500 + travel)

Total Year One Cost

In this illustration, if there are 25 students per class, 300 students would participate at a cost of $190 per student.