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SRA Early Interventions in Reading

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A supplement to regular reading instruction delivered to elementary school children with Intellectual Disability to develop reading and writing skills that should enable greater academic achievement later in school.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Training is available from Southern Methodist University, Institute for Evidence Based Education. The initial two-day training is conducted in the early fall prior to starting Book A. In late fall, a one-day training is conducted to cover Book B. In early spring, a one-day training is conducted prior to beginning Book C. Training costs $2,000 per day plus travel. Thus, the total costs for training would be $8,000, plus travel costs for 3 trips.

Additional website address:

Curriculum and Materials

Curriculum and materials are available from SRA McGraw-Hill:

For ordering Early Interventions in Reading materials:

Main Website:

There are three levels of curriculum materials that span Grades K-3. Students are administered a placement test prior to ordering level materials. The teacher and student materials costs for each level are provided below. It should be noted that students who place into Level 1 should all receive the Challenge Stories at $16.38 per student. In addition, teachers must order one Story-Time Reader kit per student for small group work. If running multiple small groups, this resource can be shared among groups.

Level K:

  • Teacher Materials Package - $726.48
  • Student Activity Book - $10.35

Level 1:

  • Teacher Materials Package - $761.43
  • Activity Book A - $12.45
  • Activity Book B - $12.45
  • Activity Book C - $12.45
  • Challenge Stories - $16.38
  • Individual Story-Time Readers (pkg. of 60 titles) - $260.16

Level 2:

  • Teacher Materials Package - $761.43
  • Activity Book A - $14.67
  • Activity Book B - $14.67
  • Activity Book C - $14.67
  • Student Edition - $46.62
  • Chapter Books (pkg. of 13) - $87.30


The Online Teacher Subscription is included with every Teacher Materials purchase and provides access to 2Inform online progress monitoring, Teacher eBooks, Teacher Presentation Tools, Correlations, Professional Learning, and Background Videos and Games.

Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Activity books for children must be replaced every year. Prices vary by level. See costs proposal/price list on McGraw-Hill website.


The program works most effectively in contexts where there is a dedicated intervention teacher. In one study, teachers were certified in Special Education.

Other Implementation Costs

Requires a space for one teacher and a small group of students.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

It is strongly recommended that teachers receive ongoing coaching in their initial year of implementation. Coaching services are available from SMU's Institute for Evidence Based Education.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

The following example assumes one elementary school uses one dedicated teacher to administer the Early Interventions in Reading curriculum. The teacher holds six sessions a day for groups of 4 kids each, a total of 24 kids, with 8 using Level K materials, 8 using Level 1 materials, and 8 using Level 2 materials throughout the year.

Initial training for Book A (2-day), plus travel
Training For Books B & C (2 one-day trainings), plus travel
Teacher Kit and Student Materials for 8 students (Level K)
Teacher Kit and Student Materials for 8 students (Level 1)
Teacher Kit and Student Materials for 8 students (Level 2)
Special Education Teacher (dedicated to Reading Intervention)

Total Year One Cost

The Year One cost to serve 24 students equally spread across the three curricula levels is $2,968 per student.