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Strengthening Families 10-14

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A 7-session group parenting and youth skills program that includes separate weekly parent effectiveness training and child skills-building, followed by a family session to promote good parenting skills and positive family relationships, proven to reduce aggressive and hostile behavior, substance abuse in adolescence, and improve family relationships.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

On-site, three-day training for the Strengthening Families 10-14 Program is available. The cost for 10-15 facilitators is $4,000 plus travel for one trainer at $1,500. Training for 16-30 facilitators is $4,500 plus travel for two trainers at $3,000.

Curriculum and Materials

Costs vary depending on the number of families to be served. Serving 30 families per year costs $1,600 plus shipping for the first year for curriculum materials. The cost drops to $100 in the second year. These costs include one manual per 2 facilitators at $175, curriculum DVDs at $298, curriculum posters at $50 and Love & Limits magnets at $2 per family.



Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Ongoing material costs average $14 per family per year.


Three facilitators are required to implement with 7-10 families. Successful sites typically have 4-5 facilitators on site along with one full time program coordinator. Costs vary depending upon whether facilitation is part of normal job requirements of existing staff. Group leaders must have strong facilitation and presentation skills and experience working with parents and youth.

Other Implementation Costs

Meeting space for groups is needed. The space must have technology capacity with laptop projection and a DVD player. Incentives for family participation are recommended at a cost of $20-$200 per family, depending on available funds.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training is provided to address staff turnover at the rates listed under Start-Up. There are no fees for technical assistance.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

A site should budget $750 for fidelity monitoring if conducted remotely. On-site monitoring, if desired, would include travel expenses for monitors.

Ongoing License Fees


Savings on training can occur when larger groups of facilitators are trained at one time.

Year One Cost Example

In this Year One example, the sponsoring organization will serve 60 families during the first year of implementation. Facilitators are assumed to be existing employees of the sponsoring agency implementing the program as part of their regular duties. Costs would include:

Training for 10-15 facilitators
Trainer travel
Curricula for 60 families, including shipping
Fidelity monitoring
Materials for 60 families @ $14 per family

Total Year One Cost

The cost per family in this Year One example would be $173.