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Strong African American Families Program

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A 7-week interactive educational program for African American parents and their early adolescent children that includes separate weekly parent and child skills-building followed by a family session to reduce adolescent substance use, conduct problems, and sexual involvement.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The Strong African American Families (SAAF) Program Package, including initial training and curriculum, costs $8,000 for up to 30 trainees. Travel expenses for two SAAF trainers varies based on training location, but is estimated at an additional $3,000 ($1,500/trainer). Adopting organizations are responsible for printing the implementation manuals for the training participants. The Center for Family Research can print and ship the manuals for $35/manual.

Curriculum and Materials

Electronic access to all curriculum materials as well as one set of printed materials is included in SAAF Training and Program Package.


Included in SAAF Training and Program Package.

Other Start-Up Costs

The purchase of supplemental supplies is estimated at $250 for the first implementation.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

The purchase of supplemental supplies and printing costs for consumable curriculum materials is estimated to be $250 per group.


During the research trial, SAAF group facilitators were paid $15 per hour for leading 7 weekly groups per program cycle. Each weekly group required 6 hours for preparation, set-up, participating in the meal, leading the program and clean-up. Travel time was not included.

Other Implementation Costs

Unless it is provided by the sponsoring organization or donated, space may also need to be included in budget. It may also be necessary to budget for child care for siblings of youth participating in the program in order to promote caregiver participation. Adopting agencies should also consider transportation expenses.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Included in SAAF Program package. TA is available via tele- or video conferencing and email. A quality assurance site visit is also available for an additional cost of $2,000. During the visit, a SAAF Master Trainer is on-site to observe the implementation of a session. The trainer can also be available to meet with the adopting agency. The trainer will provide a written summary of his/her observations to the site with recommendations for future implementations.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Adopting organizations receive a fidelity manual as part of the purchase price. The manual includes an adherence checklist for each of the 21 modules in SAAF as well as a tool to evaluate competence.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

For this example, an organization in its first year of SAAF implementation will implement SAAF 3 times. Each implementation will include 10 families to yield 30 families for the year. Meals are provided at the cost of $20.00/family. Space is provided by the sponsoring organization at no added cost. The following costs can be projected for this example:

Program Training Package and travel
Supplies and printing

Total Year One Cost

To conduct three rotations and reach 30 families with the Strong African American Families program would cost $15,950 in Year One or $532 per family.