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Success for All

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A school-wide reform initiative in which instructional processes, curriculum enhancements, and improved support resources for families and staff work together to ensure that every student acquires adequate basic language skills in pre-K through 2nd grade and builds on these basic skills throughout the rest of elementary school.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial training and technical assistance for 20 teachers, plus administrators and support staff, is estimated at $24,750. This would support Success for All coaches on site for one day of planning with the leadership team, three additional days of workshops for the full staff with three trainers, and a one-day workshop with tutors. Registration for 4.5 days of offsite workshops is also included. Ongoing onsite coaching support (14 days) and offsite technical assistance during Year 1 is estimated at $29,400. Total professional development in Year 1 is $54,150.

Curriculum and Materials

$45,994 to cover classroom teacher and student materials, including teacher guides, lesson support videos, and interactive whiteboard tools, student materials, books, and manipulatives, as well as shipping of materials.


$700 for online data management tools supporting Success for All and for online professional development tutorials and resources.

Other Start-Up Costs

1) Coverage of travel expenses for principal and program facilitator to offsite conference.

2) If the school chooses to use trade books rather than basal texts, purchase of trade books will be necessary. Approximate cost is $30,000 for the purchase of about 5,500 books.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Replacement of materials estimated at $10,000 per year, including replacement books for kindergarten and first grade students, as programs are encouraged to allow these students to keep reading materials.


Qualifications: Program is generally delivered by certified classroom teachers. In addition to the teachers, a full-time Program Facilitator is required to coordinate and support effective implementation of the program. Schools usually fill this position with existing staff.

Ratios: The program does not indicate minimum ratios, but is generally delivered in classrooms, where ratios range from 20 – 30 students per teacher.

Time Required to Deliver Interventions: In addition to teaching time, teachers must have designated time to work in teams focused on continuous improvement of instruction. Teacher teams meet biweekly.

Other Implementation Costs

Some of the student materials must be reproduced; schools can photocopy these materials, or SFAF can provide the materials for an additional charge.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training & technical assistance includes refresher training, coaching, support, and professional development conferences. Costs are estimated at:

  • $24,950 year 2
  • $24,950 year 3

Coaching costs include onsite coaching once per month in the first year and every 6 – 8 weeks in years two and three. Includes registration for principal and facilitator at an annual conference.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity monitoring and evaluation of quality of implementation and student outcomes are conducted by the Success for All coaches when onsite for coaching support and on a daily basis by the school’s program facilitator. There is no additional cost.

Ongoing License Fees

$700 per year includes continued access to online data management tools, and telephone support for teachers, IT personnel, and administrators. Online resources include tutorials and webinars on a variety of classroom support and data management topics.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs

Travel or lodging for 2 people for 3 days to facilitate attendance at the annual conference for experienced sites.

The per student cost diminishes as school size increases, and declines over time after the initial intensive training and coaching period is complete.

Year One Cost Example

Success for All Foundation offers an implementation example with 20 teachers, 7 tutors, and 500 students in grades K-5. In its first year, a school can anticipate the following costs:

Training with travel, ongoing support (Year 1)
Classroom materials
Online Data management and resources
Staffing: Program Facilitator, teaching time-in kind

Total Year One Cost

With 500 students served in the first year, the cost per student would be $198. Per-student costs in years 2 and 3 are estimated to be $80 per student per year, averaging $120 per student per year over three years.