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Wyman's Teen Outreach Program®

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A nine month program that engages high school students in a minimum of 20 hours of community service learning annually and weekly meetings using TOP's Changing Scenes curriculum, with a goal of reducing rates of teen pregnancy, course failure, and academic suspension.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The purveyor requires each program to become a Certified Replication Partner. This allows the program to train group facilitators at the local level. The cost to become a Replication Partner is $26,000 and includes training for one trainer, labor for the initial certification site visit, 10 sets of curricula, the first year license, eight hours of technical assistance in Year 1, and access and set-up on TOPnet Online. The certified trainer may then train multiple local group facilitators.

Curriculum and Materials

Additional curricula are available only to Certified Replication Partners and their provider organizations. Individual sets are $500 plus shipping.

Materials Available in Other Language: TOP Teen Pre and Post Survey is available in Spanish, but program materials have not been translated.


Included in the initial start-up fee for a Certified Replication Partner.

Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Estimated at $2,000 per group/club for replacement materials and art supplies.


Facilitators lead groups on a part-time basis. Teachers are sometimes used as facilitators but special qualifications are not required as long as facilitators are trained in the program. Facilitators lead groups of 25 or fewer participants. A co-leader is recommended, bringing the ideal leader to teen ratio to 1:12. Facilitators lead an average of 3-4 groups at a time, spending a total of 3-4 hours a week in planning, implementation, communication and logistics. Groups run concurrently with the academic year.

Other Implementation Costs

It is recommended that $2,000 per group/club should be budgeted for costs of transportation of participants to and from community service learning experiences.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

No additional training from the purveyor is required. Replacement trainers can be trained and supported for $6,000 each. Eight hours of Technical Assistance is included in the Fidelity Monitoring cost described below. Additional T.A. is available at $75 per hour.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

The cost for monitoring, including site visits every two years, T.A., and access to the online data system is $6,000 per year.

Ongoing License Fees

Included in the Fidelity Monitoring cost described above.

Space is usually donated by schools or other interested organizations. If space is not available, there may be a cost for accessing suitable space for group meetings.

Year One Cost Example

This example describes a sponsoring organization supporting 10 facilitators each with 3-4 groups of 25 youth participants offering groups for 30 weeks during the academic year for the first year of operation. Each group would have a co-facilitator. The groups would reach 875 teen participants. Costs would include:

Replication Partner Certification
Supplies @ $2000 per group
Staff-35 groups x 4 hours x $25 x 2 leaders
Transportation @ $2000 per group
Local Trainer plus fringe
Administrative Overhead @ 10% of Staff Cost

Total Year One Cost

With 875 youth participants, the per youth cost is $514.

The above is a good example of a community-based or after-school model. In-school implementation typically reduces the staffing costs by over half, since a classroom teacher is often the 2nd facilitator. Transportation costs are also much lower.