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Youth Villages YVLifeSet

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A community-based program that assists young people with histories of foster care or juvenile justice involvement in making a successful transition to adulthood by providing intensive, individualized, and clinically focused case management, support, and counseling.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The cost for initial orientation training is $5,500, including travel. A program start-up support fee of $7,500 covers technical assistance to support program start-up, referral and census management, and data collection and integration. All of these costs associated with start-up are combined into a Start-up Training and Support Fee.

Curriculum and Materials

Costs for training materials and access to the online clinical manual are included in costs above.


An annual agency certification fee of $5,000 per organization covers licensing and re-licensing activities, and is included in the Annual Model Implementation Fee.

Other Start-Up Costs

During the start-up phase, staff salaries, costs for equipment and occupancy, and communications will be incurred prior to service delivery. Philanthropic support could be utilized to cover start-up costs.

Even though this intervention is primarily home- and community-based, staff need to have access to meeting and training space throughout service delivery.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Costs for materials are included in ongoing training costs.


YVLifeSet specialists and supervisors must have a Bachelor’s degree in a social services or a related field and have at least one year of experience at a minimum; a Master’s degree in a social services field is preferred. One YVLifeSet supervisor supports four to five YVLifeSet specialists. One YVLifeSet specialist provides services to 8-10 young people at a time with one face-to-face contact per week, at minimum, per young person.

A large portion of the program implementation costs are based on staff salaries which vary widely across geographies.

Other Implementation Costs

Administrative overhead can be projected between 10-30% depending on the size and scope of the program and the partner organization.

Reimbursement for staff travel should be considered as a cost of implementing this model and can vary widely across geographies.

Costs for occupancy and equipment also vary based on geography and will depend on the availability of existing space and equipment for staff to use when implementing this model.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training costs are $8,000 annually, including travel, and cover quarterly on-site booster trainings. Additional on-site orientation trainings can be added as requested by the partner organization.

The Program Implementation and Development Fee of $25,000 per team covers the cost of clinical consultation and ongoing technical assistance. In addition, a network access fee of $5,000 per agency covers access to the partner data portal, communication materials, and network activities. All of these implementation support and training costs are combined into an Annual Model Implementation Fee. Once partner organizations have trained an internal consultant to deliver weekly consultation and training activities, annual fees decrease to $10,000 and consist of the network access fee and the agency certification fee.

A partner organization can choose to train its own internal clinical consultant after 2 years of high fidelity model implementation. A one-time fee of $16,500 for Consultant Development and Coaching covers the year-long process of the consultant’s training, development, and coaching.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

An annual agency certification fee of $5,000 covers ongoing fidelity assessments and monitoring (included in the Annual Model Implementation Fee).

Year One Cost Example

This example assumes an agency implements the program using two teams, each with four specialists and one supervisor. The specialists have caseloads of eight youth during ongoing program implementation. As a whole, the two teams can serve approximately 100 youth during the first year. Average episode of treatment is 215 days.

Salaries, fringe, and non-FTE costs as well as agency overhead will vary by geography and implementing provider, thus the costs provided here should be used as a guide only.

Implementing providers may incur additional costs of allocating administrative staff and/or operating expenses for communications, equipment and supplies to the YVLifeSet program. These costs are not included in the example.

Start-up Training and Support Fee
Annual Model Implementation Fee
YVLifeSet Specialist (Bachelors-level) - 4 FTE @ $43,000
YVLifeSet Specialist (Masters-level) - 4 FTE @ $48,375
Clinical Supervisor - 2 FTE @ $55,000
Fringe @ 25%
Overhead @ 13%

Total Year One Cost

For an agency with eight specialists collectively serving 64 youth on any given day, during Year One, about 100 youth would receive the YVLifeSet Program. The average cost per youth would be $8,671 (approximately $40/day).