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August 22, 2017

What Criteria Does Blueprints Use in Selecting Programs?

Blueprints considers four criteria: Evaluation quality—Can we be confident in a program’s evaluation Intervention impact—How much positive change in key developmental outcomes can be attributed to the intervention Intervention specificity—Is the intervention focused, practical, and logical Dissemination readiness—Does the program have the necessary support and information to be successfully implemented Blueprints programs must meet all… Read More

August 22, 2017

What Is the Difference Between a Promising and Model Program?

Both promising and model programs meet basic Blueprints standards, but model programs meet additional requirements. Promising programs must have evidence from one high-quality experimental or two high-quality quasi-experimental designs, clear findings of positive impact, carefully defined goals, and sufficient resources to help users. Model programs must have evidence from two high-quality experimental or one experimental… Read More

August 22, 2017

What kind of youth programs does Blueprints examine?

Blueprints began with a focus on youth programs to prevent violence, delinquency, and drug use, but it has recently expanded its scope. It now also recommends programs to improve mental and physical health, self-regulation, and educational achievement outcomes. The outcomes of interest involve more than preventing harmful behavior — they also involve positive behaviors and… Read More

August 22, 2017

What is Blueprints?

Blueprints is a project at the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado Boulder. It identifies, recommends, and disseminates programs for youth that, based on scientific evaluations, have strong evidence of effectiveness. Blueprints serves as a resource for governmental agencies, schools, foundations, and community organizations trying to make informed… Read More


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