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A sexual risk reduction intervention for high school girls that enhances knowledge, increases motivation, and teaches behavioral skills needed to reduce pregnancy, HIV and STI risk.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

An initial on-site, 2-day training is provided at $995 per trainee + $1,250 per diem for the trainer. Included in the cost is up to 3 hours of additional booster training to support implementation of the model.

Training requires a space that has projection and audio capabilities, and a laptop connected to projection.

Curriculum and Materials

Participant Workbooks:
50 @ $495
250 @ $2,250
1,000 @ $8,950

Implementation Kit cost is built into the training expense.


No ongoing licensing costs currently.

Other Start-Up Costs

Space for program delivery must be able to accommodate groups of 6-10 students and one to two facilitators. Also necessary, are a computer capable of projecting PowerPoint slides and short video clips, flip charts, and other writing surfaces to effectively deliver the HIPTeens program to a group of students.


Qualifications: No educational requirement or specific criteria – we only tell organizations that facilitators must have enthusiasm for helping adolescent girls.

Ratios: One facilitator can deliver the intervention to groups of 6-10 girls. In the Blueprints certified evaluation, two facilitators were used.

Time to Deliver Intervention: The program includes 4 weekly 2-hour modules and 2 90-minute booster sessions offered at 3 and 6 months after the initial intervention.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

There are no ongoing training costs.

The developer provides customized evaluation plans and consultation to each site as needed/requested. Sites have generally only needed 1 hour extra per site which is included in the initial training costs. If sites need more hours of technical assistance, then building in a buffer for this would be an additional cost. This could be anticipated and planned for during initial start-up and discussed with the developer depending on provider readiness/capacity.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Included in initial training costs.

New providers of HIPTeens are provided with an Evaluation Guide which details the program objectives, the fidelity tools, programmatic evaluation, data collection tools and procedures for managing and monitoring the evaluation. Options for evaluation data collection include the facilitators, participants, and supervisor fidelity assessors. Options for end of session feedback include forms for facilitators, observers, and participants. The feedback that is collected from participants is done anonymously and kept confidential. Developer works with each site to determine the site’s data collection need based on what data they must provide to satisfy state or federal funding requirements. Additionally, multiple quantitative data collection measures, including HIV-Q (Brief), can be completed. Guidance is provided by the developer on how to support assessors and facilitators.

Year One Cost Example

For a youth program to train 4 existing staff members as program facilitators who reach a total of 250 girls in a year, the following costs could be expected.

Initial training: $995 x 4 facilitators
Trainer per diem
Participant workbooks

Total Year One Cost

With a total Year 1 cost of $7,480, the per participant expense would be $29.92.