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SRA Early Interventions in Reading

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A supplement to regular reading instruction delivered to elementary school children with Intellectual Disability to develop reading and writing skills that should enable greater academic achievement later in school.

Early Interventions in Reading is a small-group literacy intervention for students with Intellectual Disability. Education funding streams focused on professional development, special education, and literacy are the primary sources used to fund the intervention.

Improving the Use of Existing Public Funds

The critical resource commitment required to implement Early Interventions in Reading is the allocation of teacher time for training and delivering the intervention. Students receive the intervention in small groups for 40 – 50 minutes per day, and schools typically use reading intervention specialists and special education teachers to deliver the intervention.

Allocating State or Local General Funds

State education funds allocated to local school systems as well as locally-appropriated public school funding can support Early Interventions in Reading. State compensatory education funds can be important sources of support in some states in low performing districts. Professional development funds can also be used for teacher training.

Maximizing Federal Funds

Formula Funds:

  • Title 1 Part A provides funds for supplemental instructional services to students to increase student success. These funds can be used to fund Early Interventions in Reading teacher salaries and their training.
  • Title II-A provides funds to ensure that school professionals have access to high-quality professional development. These funds can be used to support the training of Early Interventions in Reading teachers.
  • IDEA Part Bfunding, which supports schools in educating students with disabilities, may be used to support Early Interventions in Reading training, curriculum and teaching time.

Discretionary Grants: Federal discretionary grants from the Department of Education can be used to fund the initial training and materials. Discretionary funds targeting literacy as well as students with disabilities could be used to support the program.

Foundation Grants and Public-Private Partnerships

Foundations, particularly local education funds that support enhanced services in local school districts, and foundations with a stated interest in improving educational achievement or literacy, can provide funding for initial training and curricula purchase.