Maryland Ignition Interlock License Restriction (Policy)

A statewide license restriction program for drivers with multiple alcohol-related traffic offenses to reduce alcohol-impaired driving recidivism.

The use of ignition interlock license restrictions requires those with previous alcohol-related driving offenses to pass a breath analyzer test of blood alcohol levels before starting a vehicle. The program further requires that drivers who are applying for reinstatement of their driving licenses install the ignition interlock system in their vehicle and continue to use it for two years before they are eligible for reinstatement.

Note: The State of Maryland evaluated the effects of interlock installation in two studies. Both were RCTs and carefully conducted. One involved one year of installation and one study two years. Both found large reductions during installation. The one-year study did not show sustained effects, while the two-year study did. Thus, Blueprints is certifying only the two-year study.

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