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Communities That Care

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A prevention system designed to reduce levels of adolescent delinquency and substance use through the selection and use of effective preventive interventions tailored to a community's specific profile of risk and protection.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Start-up Costs for One CTC Coalition: Technical assistance and 2-day Local Coalition Coordinator Training to support initial CTC coalition development, not including travel, is $6,059.

Training and Technical Assistance: $23,296. Phase Two 1/2-day Key Leaders and 2-day Community Board Orientation Training for up to 30 participants is $5,429. Phase Three 1-day Community Assessment Training and 1-day Community Resources Assessment Training is $5,933. Phase Four 2-day Community Planning Training, 1/2-day Community Plan Implementation Training 1, and 1/2-day Funding Sustainability Workshop is $7,227. Phase Five 1-day Community Plan Implementation Training 2 is $4,707. These costs include training and technical assistance required to complete CTC coalition training. Travel is not included, and varies by location.

Curriculum and Materials

Included in costs above.

Materials Available in Other Language: Participant materials only are translated into Spanish at same cost as English language version.


Agency Licensing: N/A.

Other Start-Up Costs

Administering and analyzing the Communities That Care Youth Survey to all 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students in the community as part of the needs assessment phase of CTC. These surveys are often funded as part of a statewide survey, in which case there are no costs. CTC Youth Surveys can be purchased from Bach-Harrison, LCC in Salt Lake City, Pride Surveys, and other providers at a cost of about $2.25 per survey (price to be negotiated with provider).


It is recommended that at least .5 FTE staffing for a local coalition coordinator be provided to support the work of the CTC coalition.

Other Implementation Costs

Costs that will vary by locality include program implementation, administrative support, space, travel, supplies, and communications. Program implementation costs vary significantly across the country depending on programs selected by the CTC coalition.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training and technical assistance can be obtained from certified CTC trainers at a cost to be negotiated with the trainer on a case-by-case basis.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Can be obtained from program providers. Cost is variable. Fidelity monitoring of the CTC system is imbedded within the system and carried out by the coalition at no cost.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs


Year One Cost Example

In this example, one community is implementing the CTC process with a CTC coalition. The costs cover the CTC process and do not include programming. First year costs would include:

Development technical assistance
Initial orientation trainings for up to 30 participants
Community assessment trainings and TA
Community planning trainings and TA
Travel costs for trainers (8 days @ $250/day)
Salary for one coordinator @ $60,000
Fringe @ 25%
CTC Youth Survey (800 students @ $2.50/student)
Overhead @ 25% of staff cost

Total Year One Cost

Depending upon what the community decides as its priorities, a community of 20,000 - 25,000 might serve approximately 800 students and their families at a unit cost of $159.82.