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Interpersonal Psychotherapy - Adolescent Skills Training

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An 8-week in-school program designed to reduce and prevent depressive symptoms in adolescents by improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

The costs for in-person training range from $2,000-$5,000 depending on the training length, trainer fees, and travel costs. Trainings are typically 1.5-2 days in length.

Curriculum and Materials

The intervention is detailed in a book, Preventing Adolescent Depression: Interpersonal Psychotherapy - Adolescent Skills Training by Young, Mufson, and Schueler (2016), and is available through Oxford or Amazon for $41.95.

The average cost for providing materials for the group, including binders and photocopied materials, is $5 per group participant.



Other Start-Up Costs

Space is needed to conduct training and staff time is required to read the manual, attend training, and participate in ongoing consultation.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Average cost per group member for photocopied materials and binders is $5.


IPT-AST groups can be led by 1-2 masters-level therapists who also need to participate in ongoing consultation.

Other Implementation Costs

Space is needed for small group and individual sessions.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training costs will depend on the need of the agency. In cases where there is significant turnover, an additional workshop may be required. If an agency wants ongoing consultation to support implementation, the cost for reviewing sessions is $100 an hour and the cost for consultation is $100 an hour. At the least, it is recommended that a consultant listens to a subset of individual sessions (pre-group, mid-group and booster) and to half of the group sessions, but more intensive consultation has been provided with a consultant listening to half of individual sessions and all group sessions. Supervision of 30-60 minutes per week for each group is recommended. In consultation with the developers, agencies can decide what percentage of sessions will be reviewed by the consultant. This will determine the total costs.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity monitoring costs are included in the ongoing training costs above. The consultant would rate fidelity for sessions in which s/he listened to recordings.

Year One Cost Example

In this example, the mental health staff (counselors and social workers) of one high school are trained to deliver IPT-AST. One staff member leads each group of 5 students in sessions that may occur during or after school, with a total of four groups of students receiving the intervention. This example excludes staffing costs assuming that existing staff are already paid by the school.

Leader manual: $42 X 2
Group member materials: $5 X 20

Total Year One Cost

In Year 1, IPT-AST would be delivered to 20 students at a cost of $184.20 per student. In subsequent years, unless there is staff turnover and the need for training, the costs would be minimal.