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Multisystemic Therapy® (MST®)

Blueprints Program Rating: Model Plus

A juvenile crime prevention program to enhance parenting skills and provide intensive family therapy to troubled teens and delinquent teens that empower youth to cope with the family, peer, school, and neighborhood problems they encounter - in ways that promote prosocial behavior while decreasing youth violence and other antisocial behaviors.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Start-up costs for one MST team is $22,500. Technical Assistance to support initial program development, with travel, is $4,000. Orientation Training for up to 14 participants, with travel, is $12,000.

Curriculum and Materials

Included in costs above.

Materials Available in Other Language: All materials needed for therapist training and implementation are available in Spanish.


Annual license fees of $4,000 per organization (Agency license) and an additional $2,500 per team (Team license) are required.

Other Start-Up Costs

Costs above are calculated for one MST team, trained together with their supervisor. Increasing the number of teams trained at one time can produce economies of scale.


  • Ratios: An MST Team of a supervisor and 4 therapists each serves an average of 5 families at a time.
  • Qualifications: Supervisors must be licensed Masters mental health professionals. Therapists should be Masters Level, but license is not required.
  • Time to Deliver Intervention: Each family is served for an average of four months with at least one weekly visit to the home.

Other Implementation Costs

Costs that will vary by locality include administrative support, space, travel, supplies, and communications. Implementation costs vary significantly across the country. MST Services provides an MST Program Budget Template to assist communities in estimating costs.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Technical assistance: $29,000; T.A. travel: $8,000; In addition, sites should budget for additional training costs due to staff turnover.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Fidelity Monitoring included in T/A cost above. Additional cost for data collection: $5,000.

Ongoing License Fees

Annual license fees of $4,000 per organization (Agency license) and an additional $2,500 per team (Team license) are required.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs


MST Services, Inc. recommends that, when estimating costs, one should consider the implementation of the “highest quality program” in order to assure accountability for the best possible client outcomes. Economies of scale can be achieved when multiple teams can be supported at one time. It is often more difficult to locate start-up monies as opposed to ongoing implementation funding.

Year One Cost Example

In this example, an organization is setting up two MST teams, each with a supervisor and four therapists to serve approximately 132 families over the course of a year. First year costs would include:

Development technical assistance w travel
Initial orientation training for 10 participants plus travel
Licenses-1 organizational and 2 team
Support fee for two teams charged by purveyor
Salaries for two supervisors @ $60,000
Salaries for eight therapists @ $50,000
Fringe @ 30%
Fidelity monitoring and data collection
Overhead @ 25% of staff cost

Total Year One Cost

With 8 therapists with an average caseload of five families for four months of service and supervisors carrying two families at a time, a total of 132 families annually could be served at a cost of $7,068 per family.