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Promoting First Relationships®

Blueprints Program Rating: Promising

Trains service providers in the use of effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships between caregivers and young children birth to three years of age.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Level 1 (Learner's Workshop): $425 per person for 2-day workshop in Seattle, WA.

Level 2 (Distance Learning): $2,150 per person when training as part of a pair group. $3,000 per person if trainee is a stand-alone individual (not part of a pair group). Conducted over 15 weeks and includes 16 contact hours (online) with a master trainer and the initial certification fee. Prerequisite is Level 1.

Note: The Blueprints certified studies included service providers with Level 2 training.

Curriculum and Materials

  • Curriculum is included in initial training costs.
  • $115 for supplemental materials including BabyCues video and cards, social emotional cards, and parent/caregiver video.
  • Additional fee for Spanish handouts ($25.00).



Other Start-Up Costs

  • Staff time and travel for trainings: Level 1 Workshop -- FTE 16 hours of release time, plus travel if needed. Level 2 Distance Learning -- FTE 24 hours of release time over the course of 5 months, plus transportation and mileage reimbursement for traveling to home of training practice family.
  • Internet access with high speed internet, webcam, access to ZOOM, office with a door for confidentiality.
  • Tablet or camera/laptop to take to families' homes for recording the parent-child interaction during play and playing the video back with the parent.
  • Toys (optional). Age-appropriate toys for parent and child to use during visit.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

None (though it may be necessary to replace toys periodically).


Delivered as a home visit. Average home visit is one hour plus travel time and prep time. Estimated 2 hours per family per week over 10 weeks-20 hours FTE per family. Varies depending on time for travel.

Other Implementation Costs

  • Ongoing internet access; photo copy machine to copy handouts.
  • Program is designed to be delivered in the homes of families, though it can be used in a clinic. When delivered as a home visit, transportation costs are estimated at 10 visits per family multiplied by the mileage and the mileage reimbursement rate.
  • Confidential office space is recommended for viewing videos and receiving reflective practice supervision.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance


Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

$125 per year to reassess fidelity. Videos are sent to the program for coding and review. If the provider does not reach fidelity, he/she can get additional support.

Ongoing License Fees


Year One Cost Example

In this example, an agency uses four providers to deliver Promoting First Relationships® to client families. Each provider serves 20 families in the first year. At two hours per family, on average, and 20 families per year per provider, the average FTE for each provider required to serve 20 families is 0.20. The agency uses its own office space for training and video review. Equipment and travel expenses (for in-home visits) are not included here as they may vary substantially by location.

Level 1 Training: 4 x $425
Travel to Level 1 Training: 4 x $1,000
Level 2 Training: 4 x $2,150
BabyCues video and cards, PFR parent/caregiver video and social/emotional cards: 4 x $115
Annual Fidelity Monitoring: 4 x $125

Total Year One Cost

The four providers collectively deliver the program to 80 families in the first year. Thus, the Year 1 per family expense is $190.75 (does not incude costs for travel or toys--toys are optional). The costs for subsequent years would be substantially reduced as most of the expense involves training.