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Treatment Foster Care Oregon

Blueprints Program Rating: Model

A therapeutic foster care program with the goal of reuniting families, reducing delinquency and teen violence, and increasing prosocial behavior and participation in prosocial activities through behavioral parent training and support for foster parents, family therapy for biological parents, skills training and supportive therapy for youth, and school-based behavioral interventions and academic support.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

$2,000 for a readiness process. Initial training cost for the three-year certification process is $87,250 plus travel costs which average $29,200 for the three-year training period. Readiness and certification costs total $118,450.

Curriculum and Materials

Included in the Training and T/A costs above.


Certification costs included in the Training and T/A costs above.

Other Start-Up Costs

Staff salaries during training prior to admission of any youth and expenses associated with establishing an office.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials



Qualifications: Recommended staff for a 10 bed program include: Program Supervisor (full-time), Family and Individual Therapist (can be half time), a Foster Parent recruiter and support person (recommended at 75% FTE), and an in-home skills trainer at 20-25 hours a week, as well as available fee for service psychiatric services.

Ratios: The above staff are recommended for 10 TFCO slots, with one youth per foster home.

Time to Deliver Intervention: TFCO is a 24-hour, seven day a week program for youth in foster care, foster parents, and those supporting foster parents. Participants stay in TFCO for an average of 7.5 months.

Other Implementation Costs

Foster parent stipends average $2,500 per month of placement, with wide variation among systems in average cost. Foster parents are limited to one TFCO youth in their home at a time. Administrative overhead can be projected at 10-20%, depending on program size and location.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

The purveyor recommends a yearly budget, for a certified program, of $10,000 to support continued certification, replacement training, consultation and fidelity monitoring activities.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Included in Ongoing Training & Technical Assistance above.

Ongoing License Fees

Included in Ongoing Training & Technical Assistance above.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs

Included in Ongoing Training & Technical Assistance above.

TFCO offers a cost calculator software program where local costs can be taken into consideration.

Year One Cost Example

For an organization in a large city to consider starting a 10 bed TFCO program, the following costs can be expected in the first year (assumption of 80% occupancy):

Purveyor certification cost
Staff-Supervisor 1FTE Masters Clinician
Family Individual Therapist .5 FTE
Foster Parent Recruiter/Support Person .75 FTE
Fringe at 30%
Psychiatric Consultation
Foster Parent Stipends @ $2500/month
Overhead @ 20% of Staff Cost

Total Year One Cost

Cost per youth for stay of 7.5 months is $43,242.