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Whole Number Foundations Level K

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A 50-session small group mathematics intervention delivered as a pull-out program offered during the regular school day to help strengthen whole number concepts and operations skills in students at risk for developing long-term mathematics difficulties.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial training, for up to 20 participants, includes two 6-hour sessions generally scheduled 2-3 weeks apart. $1,800 - $2,200 (including trainer travel) for each 6-hour session.

Fees are negotiated with individual consultants listed at

Curriculum and Materials

The curriculum is available in two forms: As PDF download for self-printing, or pre-printed. The PDF download version requires the purchase of licenses to print the materials. The preprinted version includes the license fee and the printing and shipping costs.

Intervention Kit - supports one interventionist and up to 5 students

  • Preprinted: $399 per kit
  • PDFs for self-printing: $250 per kit

Materials Available in Other Language: The manual and lessons are available in Spanish.


Included with curriculum purchase.

Other Start-Up Costs

The intervention requires math manipulatives that are commonly available in kindergarten classrooms.

Space for small group instruction is required. This space can consist of a table or carpet area in the classroom, or in an area near the classroom.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Student worksheets are required. Although the intervention kit includes worksheets for 5 students, worksheets for subsequent students will need to be purchased separately.

  • Preprinted: $102 for five sets
  • PDF for self-printing: $10 per student


The intervention is typically delivered by instructional assistants, 3 to 5 times per week, requiring 1.5 to 2.5 hours per week per group.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

To maintain fidelity to the program, periodic coaching is recommended, as well as an annual 2-hour refresher training.

In-class coaching and refresher trainings can be personalized to need. $1,800 - $2,200 per day (including trainer travel). Fees are negotiated with individual consultants listed at

Technical support is available at

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Quarterly fidelity observations are recommended. Fidelity checklists are included in the Teacher Books.

Year One Cost Example

In this example, a school district implements Whole Number Foundations Level K in four elementary schools, each with two kindergarten classrooms. One instructional assistant at each school delivers the program to a group of five at-risk students in each classroom. The district also arranges three in-class coaching sessions spread over the course of implementation.

Training: 2 sessions @ $2,000/session
Intervention Kits: 4 @ $399/kit
Additional Student Worksheets: 4 sets @ $102/set
Coaching: 3 sessions at $2,000/session

Total Year One Cost

With 10 students served in each of 4 elementary schools, 40 students would receive the program in Year 1. The per student expense would be $300.10.