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Project Northland

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A multi-level program designed to reduce teen alcohol use through classroom curricula, peer leadership, youth-driven extra-curricular activities, parent involvement programs, and community activism.

Since Project Northland is implemented by teachers in schools, primary sources of start-up funding would include school budgets, federal grants and foundations.

Allocating State or Local General Funds

Education budgets at both the state and local level should be considered for start-up support for Project Northland. Line items for curriculum purchase and teacher training are particularly relevant.

Maximizing Federal Funds

Formula Funds: Title I federal funds could be used to implement Project Northland in eligible schools.

Discretionary Grants: Federal grants from the Department of Education as well as OJJDP and SAMHSA substance abuse prevention grants should be considered as sources of start-up funding.

Foundation Grants and Public-Private Partnerships

Foundations, particularly those with an interest in student achievement and substance abuse prevention, should be considered as possible sources of start-up funding for Project Northland.

Generating New Revenue

A PTA might choose to sponsor Project Northland via fundraising.

All information comes from the responses to a questionnaire submitted by the purveyors of Project Northland to the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Blueprints.