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Issue No. 4

Welcome to the Blueprints Bulletin, our quarterly newsletter!
We look forward to helping elevate evidence-based programs by sharing information about our programs and what we are doing at Blueprints. Enjoy!

A Letter From Our Director:
Why Maintain a Rigorous Standard of Evidence – Lessons Learned

While the term evidence-based is commonly used, the actual level of scientific evidence supporting a given program varies widely, often lacking any credible research standards.

Throughout the 20 years of the Blueprints project, the most important lesson that we have learned, and have strived to impart, is that the standards for recognizing an evidence-based program must be high in order to maintain the public’s confidence.

In the earliest years of the project, Blueprints identified a model program, Quantum Opportunities, based upon a multi-site evaluation. This evaluation examined outcomes in each of the national sites participating in the study, and the demonstration appeared successful.

Later, a large multi-site replication by the Department of Labor found only a few, largely inconsistent effects, and some of the primary behavioral outcomes were negative at one of the replicating sites. This program was subsequently removed from the Blueprints list.

Learn why replication is such a critical part of the evaluation process of potential Blueprints Programs.


Sharon Mihalic
Director, Blueprints Initiative
Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence
Institute of Behavioral Science
University of Colorado Boulder

Featured Model Program
Positive Action

Blueprints Certified: June 2013
Ages Served: Kindergarten – 8th Grade
Program Outcome: Academic Performance, Alcohol, Anxiety, Bullying, Delinquency and Criminal Behavior, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Illicit Drug Use, Positive Social/Prosocial Behavior, Sexual Risk Behaviors, Tobacco, Truancy – School Attendance, Violence
Positive Action is a comprehensive, school-based program for kindergarten through 8th grade students, which promotes learning through enhancement of self-concept.

Learn more about Positive Action…

Featured Promising Program
Teaching Kids to Cope (TKC)

Blueprints Certified: September 2015
Ages Served: High School and Early Adulthood
Program Outcome: Depression
Teaching Kids to Cope (TKC) is a 10-session group intervention designed to reduce depression and stress by enhancing the coping skills among high school adolescents and young adults displaying depression symptoms.

Learn more about Teaching Kids to Cope…

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Here are a few articles that feature some of our Blueprint’s Programs:

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Legislative Update
Stay Informed

Legislative support is key to the elevation of our programs. We would encourage you to keep an eye on these bills as they progress.

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