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Guiding Good Choices

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A family competency training program to enhance parenting behaviors and skills, to enhance effective child management behaviors and parent-child interactions and bonding, to teach children skills to resist peer influence, and to reduce adolescent problem behaviors.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

A one-time group leader training is required. A 3-day on-site training for up to 12 participants is $4,200 plus travel.

Curriculum and Materials

The Core Program Kit, used by 2 workshop leaders, costs $881.00 (quantity-based discounts are available).

Materials Available in Other Language: The Core Program Kit is available in Spanish at same cost as English language version.



Other Start-Up Costs

Recruiting participants and local sponsors may involve time from the staff of the community-based organization (CBO) that is home to the program.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Family Guides, at one per family, cost $13.99 each. Miscellaneous supplies such as name tags and pens are needed.


Workshops are led by one parent and one person with workshop leader experience. The experienced person is frequently a teacher or counselor who leads groups outside normal working hours. These leaders are paid on a per-session basis from $25 to $100 per session, sometimes extra for preparation. Supervision is provided by the CBO.

Other Implementation Costs

Space and equipment are usually contributed by the CBO.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

T.A., as needed, is available by phone at $100 per hour and on-site at $1200 per day plus travel.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Workshop leaders complete Workshop Leader’s Rating Sheets, which are then discussed among workshop leaders and supervisors.

Ongoing License Fees



Year One Cost Example

In this example, a community based organization (CBO) wishes to offer a Guiding Good Choices program using 10 workshop leaders working in teams of two to offer the five-session groups eight times per year (40 groups per year). Below are expected expenses for the first year of implementation:

Standard 3-day training for workshop leaders and CBO supervisor
Program Kits for each leader team @ $881 x 5
Family Guides @ $9.82 (quantity discount) x 400 families
Leader Stipends @ $100/session, inc. preparation x 400 sessions

Total Year One Cost

If each group has ten families, the total families served is 400 and the per family cost would be $136.33. If leader stipends are not required, the per family cost would be $36.33.

*includes $2,000 for travel/expenses, which is a high-end estimate

**although workshop leaders are generally not paid stipends if the duty is part of their regular job description with the organization paying for the training