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LifeSkills Training (LST)

Blueprints Program Rating: Model Plus

A classroom-based, 3-year, middle school substance abuse prevention program to prevent teenage drug and alcohol abuse, adolescent tobacco use, violence and other risk behaviors. The life skills curriculum teaches students self-management skills, social skills, and drug awareness and resistance skills.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

LifeSkills Training includes a 1-day on-site training that costs $3,500 for up to 20 participants plus trainer travel expenses. A 2-day on-site training is also available for $4,000 plus trainer travel expenses. The same training off-site with participant travel to a regional training event costs $300 per attendee plus travel. Off-site trainings are typically hosted regionally or at the National Health Promotion Associates office. Online training is offered at a cost of $235 per participant; however, this type of training has not been evaluated.

Curriculum and Materials

Annual curriculum materials cost an average of $5 per student, depending on grade level. Teacher's Manuals average $125 each.



Other Start-Up Costs

The costs of staff time while attending a one or two-day training.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Student materials average $5 per student annually, depending on grade level: Middle School Level 1 ($6), Middle School Level 2 ($5), Middle School Level 3 ($4).


Qualifications: No specific requirements regarding qualifications though program is typically delivered by classroom teachers or counselors.

Ratios: None specified.

Time to Deliver Intervention: Middle School Structure: 30 class sessions (approximately 45 minutes each session) to be conducted over three years.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

The purveyor provides the following free support materials: planning workbook, pre/post assessments, fidelity checklists, and a complimentary companion website for students and teachers. In addition, a variety of technical assistance workshops are available.

  • Email/Basic support: Free
  • Telephone Technical Assistance: $100/hour
  • Online Technical Assistance: $300/hour
  • To help sites sustain the program and provide onsite support, a 2-day training-of-trainers (TOT) program is offered for $1,070 per participant plus travel to the training site.
  • Booster Training Workshops are available for $3,500 plus travel for up to 20 teachers.

In addition to disseminating free Fidelity Checklists, the purveyor offers Booster Training Workshops at $3,500 plus travel for up to 20 teachers.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Time of staff person designated as local coordinator to monitor and support staff in implementing sessions with fidelity to the model.

Ongoing License Fees


Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs


There are cost-savings associated with large-scale implementation. National Health Promotion Associates offers a training of trainers workshop that would enable a locality to develop their own capacity to train instructors and provide technical assistance on an ongoing basis.

Year One Cost Example

A school wishing to implement LifeSkills Training with 10 teachers and 20 classrooms (two classrooms per teacher), with each teacher teaching a total of 60 students could expect the following costs:

Initial On-Site Training
Trainer Travel
Materials for 20 classrooms @ $275

Total Year One Cost

With 600 students taught, the cost per student would be $16.75.