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Positive Action

Blueprints Program Rating: Model

A school-based social emotional learning program for students in elementary and middle schools to increase positive behavior, reduce negative behavior, and improve social and emotional learning and school climate. The classroom-based curriculum teaches understanding and management of self and how to interact with others through positive behavior, with school climate programs used to reinforce the classroom concepts school-wide.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Training is available three ways: on-site provided by developer staff, on-line webinars and self-training workshop kits. The developer strongly recommends on-site training provided by Positive Action trainers, and this is the only training format certified by Blueprints as all evaluations included on-site training. On-site training lasts an average of one day at $3,000 per day plus trainer travel. Typically all teachers in a school are trained together, along with the principal and counselors. If schools are small, an on-site training for two schools together could be considered.

Curriculum and Materials

Curriculum costs vary with targeted grades and with the number of optional components that are included. Instructor kits range from $390 to $460 per teacher. Optional kits include bullying prevention, drug education, conflict resolution, parenting and family classes and cost from $75 to $1,450. Climate Development Kits cost $460 and are available for the principal or leader when a climate project is included in a school’s plan.


None separate from purchasing kits and materials from Positive Action, Inc.

Other Start-Up Costs


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

After the first year, curriculum and materials costs are limited to replacing consumed materials with Refresher Kits. These range in cost from $70 to $130 per teacher/class.


Teachers and counselors implement the Positive Action program as part of their regular duties. The developer does recommend a Positive Action Coordinator be assigned per school or district. Depending on the scope of the program, the Coordinator may be part-time to full-time and can either be a paid or volunteer position.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing training is also available on-site, via webinar or through self-training workshop kits. On-site training is $3,000 per day plus travel and the cost of an On-going Training Workshop Kit of $300. On-site training typically is for 1-2 days. Optional technical assistance is available at $300 per hour but is rarely needed.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

All monitoring surveys are available free of charge on the Positive Action website.

Ongoing License Fees

None separate from purchasing materials from Positive Action, Inc.

Volume discounts are available on kits and materials.

Year One Cost Example

This example will cover first year implementation of the Positive Action program in an elementary school, including the Climate Development and counselor components. The school has 2 classes each of grades 1-6, with a principal and two counselors. First year costs would include:

On-site training for 1 day plus travel ($600)
12 Instructor Kits for grades 1-6 @ $390 each
Bully Prevention kit for one counselor @ $250
Counselor Kit for each counselor @ $150
Climate Development Kit for principal
10% Shipping/Handling for all curriculum

Total Year One Cost

If the school in the example had 360 students, the cost per student would be $27.39.